Welcome to Valley-Wide H&I

“Practical experience shows that nothing will so much insure immunity from drinking as intensive work with other alcoholics”
–Alcoholics Anonymous, page 89

We are AA members involved in 12-step work with confined alcoholics.

The purpose of Valley-Wide Hospital and Institution Committee of Alcoholics Anonymous is to carry A.A.s message of recovery to confined alcoholics who cannot get to regular A.A. meetings.

What is VWHI? 

V-W, Valley-Wide. From Gold Canyon to the east, to Wintersburg to the West. From Florence to the South to New River to the north. We serve the whole Valley.

H&I, Hospitals and Institutions, is a committee of AA members that carry the message of AA to alcoholics in hospitals, prisons and other institutions. H & I provides meetings — “panels”, as they are known in other regions — for LARC, Hospitals, Treatment Centers, County Jails, State Prisons, Juvenile Centers and more.

VWHI is a great way to give something back!

The easiest way to get involved with VWHI is to contact one of the coordinators or group representatives. You may also join us at our monthly H&I meeting.

How may I be of service to VWHI? 

VWHI provides us with many great opportunities to carry the message of recovery to others. Our coordinated efforts allow us to pool our resources and make it very easy to get involved. VWHI also raises funds to purchase Big Books, 12x12s and other literature to provide — at no charge — to confined alcoholics.

VWHI continues to carry the message to the confined Alcoholic during the pandemic and is still in need of support. Please donate or contact us for service opportunities.

Please see Announcements for Emerging Issues/Event Postponements

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