Hello, and welcome to the Valley Wide Hospitals & Institutions Committee of Alcoholics Anonymous. We are constructing this page to better help potential volunteers find their niche. Here we hope to post meeting openings as well as badging requirements and processes.


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MCSO County Jail Gate Pass & Volunteer Badging Processes- for current AA meetings (updated August 2018)

Newcomer H&I Requirements (updated 2-27-2019) <– click to download PDF of the following

Meetings held in hospitals, treatment and detox centers usually do not require any type of approval process. H & I requires 1 year of sobriety to chair one of these meetings. If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering, please contact one of the coordinators:
Hospitals East, Hospitals West, Treatment Centers, Community Bridges East, or Community Bridges West.

COUNTY JAILS, (MCSO) – Durango, Towers/Estrella, Lower Buckeye/4th Ave


Durango Jail: 3225 W. Gibson Lane, PHX 85009
Lower Buckeye Jail (LBJ):  3250 W. Lower Buckeye Road, PHX 85009
4TH Avenue Jail:  201 S. 4th Avenue, PHX 85003
Towers Jail:  3127 W. Gibson Lane, PHX 85009
Estrella Jail:  2939 W. Durango Road, PHX 85009
MCSO Volunteer Coordinator: Bridget Mack – 602.876.7207 or B_Mack@MCSO.Maricopa.gov

Men jails: Women may volunteer, but must be accompanied by another person; it does not have to be a male co-chair – it can be 2 women chairing at the men’s jails.
Estrella – women’s jail: Men may volunteer, but must be accompanied by another person; it does not have to be a female co-chair – it can be 2 men chairing at Estrella.

Sobriety requirements:

1) Two years of sobriety for a volunteer ID Badge (full access & may chair solo)
a. Submit MCSO application & required paperwork
b. Attend a 3-hour training class
c. Obtain a Valley Wide H&I Sponsorship Letter (which is the “Sponsoring Agency”) from the MCSO Liaison
d. Has fingerprints taken at the Sheriff’s office for a full background / criminal records clearance check
e. Once approved by MCSO, volunteer is issued a photo ID
2) One year of sobriety for a volunteer “Gate Pass” – volunteers may only enter with a “Badged” volunteer
a. Submit MCSO application & required paperwork
b. Obtain a Valley Wide H&I Sponsorship Letter (which is the “Sponsoring Agency”)
c. Once approved by MCSO, the volunteer receive

ALL applicants must be “Off Paper”:
• At least 1 year since serving a term of probation or parole; or since incarcerated on any charge – even if the charge is dismissed.
o Documentation of the end date of probation or parole is required.
• At least 1-year after incarceration resulting from a misdemeanor conviction.
• At least 3 years after incarceration resulting from a felony conviction.

The “Sponsorship Letter” is from the “Sponsoring Agency” – Valleywide H&I, (not your AA Steps Sponsor), which comes from the MCSO Liaison, mcso_liaison@vwhi.org.

The temporary “Gate Pass” can be completed electronically & issued by the MCSO Volunteer Coordinator, Bridget Mack. Scan & email the application, Handbook & PREA Acknowledgments along with a copy (front & back) of your driver’s license. The VWHI Liaison or Jail Coordinators can submit the Sponsorship Letter for a Gate Pass.
If you meet the 2 or more years sobriety requirements, you may want to start with the Gate Pass.
Some people prefer this route for several reasons:

  1. Faster turnaround time – electronically submitted & processed within a week
  2. You may co-chair with a “badged” volunteer while waiting for your own badge; until fingerprinting & training classes are scheduled / completed
  3. You are cleared to go in as a guest speaker
  4. If you have a fluctuating work schedule, you can see if this service work is a good ‘fit’ for you, without committing to a specific day or jail

Durango – Programs Asst. Officer Hooks – Current AA meetings:
✓ Fridays @ 10am in Programs Building
LBJ (Lower Buckeye Jail) – Programs Asst. Lynette Anderson – Current AA meetings:
✓ Sunday @ 4pm
✓ Tuesdays have two separate meetings @ 9am in different units
✓ Tuesday @ 6pm
✓ Wednesday @ 10am
✓ Wednesdays have two separate meetings @ 5pm in different units
✓ Sunday @ 4pm
Volunteers are needed – two meetings are requested:
FIRST OPENING – options are for ONE of the following days / times:
o Sundays – BETWEEN 1pm – 6pm
o Mondays – BETWEEN 3pm – 7pm
o Saturdays – BETWEEN Noon – 7pm
SECOND OPENING – options are for ONE of the following days / times:
o Sundays – BETWEEN 10am – 6pm
o Thursdays – BETWEEN 2pm –7pm
o Saturdays – BETWEEN 8am – 7pm

4th Avenue Jail – Programs Asst. Officer Chavez – Current AA meetings:
✓ Sundays have four separate meetings: 11am / 2pm / 3pm / 5pm
✓ Mondays have two separate meetings: 11:30am & 3:45pm
✓ Thursdays have two separate meetings @ 5pm in different units

Towers – Programs Asst. Officer Kaiser – Current AA meetings:
✓ Monday @ 4pm – Tower 1
✓ Tuesday @ 7pm – Tower 4
✓ Wednesday @ 5:30pm – Tower 5
✓ Thursday @ 3:30pm – Tower 6
✓ Friday @ 7pm – Tower 3
✓ Saturday @ 10am – Tower 2 – Volunteers are needed

Estrella – Programs Asst. Officer Ramos – Current AA meetings:
✓ Monday @ 11:30am
✓ Wednesday @ 5:30pm
✓ Friday @ 6pm

▪ All volunteers must be listed with the Control Desk at each jail where they are chairing (all meetings, days/times, & locations). The Jail Program Asst. will ensure volunteers’ info is given to the Control Desk.

▪ Contact the VWHI Jail Coord. or MCSO Liaison to be added when chairing a new meeting or changing to a different meeting; day, time, or jail.
▪ Call the Control desk if you’re unable to attend your scheduled meeting – even if you have a sub in place, they need to know who’s coming, call if you’ll be late & end meetings on time.

Control Desk #s for each jail are listed in the back of the Volunteer Handbook.

STATE PRISONS – Florence, Phoenix West, Alhambra/Aspen
The Arizona Department of Corrections runs these facilities. The approval/badging process is similar for above listed locations. An application, training, fingerprints and TB test are required with 2 years of sobriety. If you have a felony conviction, 3 years sobriety and proof of employment or disability required. You must be “of paper” 5 years. You can apply and they make their determinations on a case-by-case basis. Speakers can go in on a one-time basis, 1 year sobriety requirement. Perryville and Lewis have different requirements than above. See the coordinators for differences.
Florence has several yards and houses men. Some are state run and some are privately run. Women can volunteer. The requirements are similar for both types of facilities. They have a 1-year sobriety requirement and 5 years since a felony. Badging requirements are different for each facility. They need volunteers. Interest or questions email: florence_prisons.
Phoenix West is a privately run men’s facility that houses only DUI offenders. This facility also allows women to chair meetings. The approval process is similar to the state except 1 year of sobriety is required and over 21 yrs old. It is located between Lower Buckeye and Buckeye on 35th Ave. Please contact: phoenix_west_prison.
Alhambra/Aspen is a men’s facility, located at 24th Street & Van Buren. Women can help if accompanied by a man. A badge is required to volunteer. Email the coordinator: alhambra_prison.
Perryville is a women’s facility, located at I-10 and Cotton Lane in the West Valley. Felons are accepted case by case. 3 yrs “of paper” and 3 yrs sobriety. Interest email: perryville_prison.
Lewis is a men’s facility but men or woman can chair meetings. The facility is located in Buckeye, Arizona. If you are interested in volunteering, the coordinator will help you team up with someone so carpooling is an option. Email: lewis_prison.

Juvenile Corrections please contact: juvenile_corrections.

Spanish Corrections please contact: spanish_coordinator.

FEDERAL CORRECTIONS – Men’s Medium Security Correctional Facility, Women’s Minimum Security Camp
Both are located North, of the 1-17 and Pioneer Rd. (Past the Carefree exit). Men chair men’s meetings and women chair women’s meetings. The approval/badging process requires an application, fingerprints, and a 4-hour orientation/training at the facility with 5 years sobriety
required. (No guest speakers.) Interested email: federal_corrections.

This AA program, done throughout the U.S., is designed to help alcoholics not fall between the cracks after they get out of treatment or a correctional facility before getting established in AA meetings. Volunteers are matched to patients by gender, zip code & age range, who will attend some AA meetings with them when they first get out. Workshops for volunteering ofered. There is a big need for volunteers. Please contact : bridging_the_gap. They meet the last Thursday each month.

VWHI Awareness Day Committee
This committee plans Awareness Day. The events are to encourage participation and educate prospective volunteers how to participate in carrying the message to the confined alcoholic. Service opportunities for this committee are unlimited. Anyone with 24 hours or more is encouraged to volunteer. Need a coordinator. Interest or questions email: awareness_day. Or visit vwhi.org/home/awareness-day.