Info for Trusted Servants

This page will be used in the future for more collaborative work between VWHI trusted servants. For now…

Hey folks! Here’s the scoop on setting-up VWHI Email on phones, tablets, and computers:

{click here to download PDF of these instructions}

EASIER: Webmail– using a browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, MS Edge, Opera, etc.: (main drawback- you only get new-mail alerts if you’re logged-in with your browser open)

  1. Go to: (it will redirect to;
  2. Login: email address is your full VWHI email address including “” and password;
  3. Select Horde (if asked) for default. (If you know/like one of the others, go ahead- they’re just interfaces, and you can change at any time through the settings).

BETTER: Email Apps– allows you to get alerts when new messages arrive, use contacts, etc.

It is *HIGHLY* recommended that you *not* use any app you are already using for another email account (for phones/tablets, frequently people use the built-in app), unless you are comfortable juggling accounts, as it’s easy to get email accounts mixed up and send mail from wrong account.

  1. iOS (iPhone, iPad)– A few recommendations for email apps:
    1. BlueMail
    2. Outlook
    3. Edison
  2. Android (phones & tablets)– recommendations for email apps:
    1. K9 Mail if you are already using K9, you can try:
    2. BlueMail
    3. Outlook
  3. Laptops / Desktops (Mac, Windows, Linux): If you’re already using the built-in Mail application for another email account, try:
    1. Thunderbird
    2. Zimbra
    3. Sylpheed
  4. Settings- for all apps (if it does not auto-configure):

port: 993 465
encryption: SSL/TLS SSL/TLS
username: your full email address including “” your full email address including “”

NOW, send me a test message:

Updated: March 14, 2019