This Page contains VWHI reports, up to the past month. All reports posted to this page are posted only after approval by the body therefore will be posted one month later.
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Bi-Laws Final 8-28-2017

Newcomer H&I Requirements 2-19-18

Service Piece – Engaging A A Members in Corrections Work

Business Meeting Minutes

H&I Business Business Meeting July 2018
H&I Business Business Meeting June 2018
H&I Business Business Meeting April 2018
H&I Business Business Meeting March 2018
H&I Business Business Meeting February 2018
H&I Business Business Meeting January 2018
H&I Business Business Meeting December 2017
H&I Business Business Meeting November 2017
H&I Business Meeting October 2017
H&I Business Meeting September 2017
H&I Business Meeting August 2017
H&I Business Meeting July 2017
June Meeting minutes are not available look for July minutes after August 9th.
H&I Business Meeting for May 2017
H&I Business Meeting April 2017
H&I Business Meeting March 2017
H&I Business Meeting February 2017
H&I Business Meeting January 2017

Treasury Reports

Currently, we are revamping our treasury reports. Updates will be posted soon.
Treasury Report July 2017
Treasury Report June 2017
Treasury Report May 2017
Treasury Report April 2017
Treasury Report March 2017
Treasury Report February 2017
Treasury Report January 2017

H&I Group Contributions December 2016

Literature Distribution Reports

Literature Distribution Nov 2017
Literature Distribution Oct 2017
Literature Distribution Sept 2017
Literature Distribution Aug 2017
Literature Distribution July 2017
Literature Distribution May 2017