Meeting Minutes September 2019

Valleywide Hospitals and Institutions Meeting Minutes

Central Church, A United Methodist Community East Dining Room

1875 North Central Avenue Phoenix Arizona 85004

Wednesday September 11, 2019

Open: 7:02pm

Serenity Prayer

Reading of the Concept

Introduction of the new VWHI Home Group Reps

Home group reps: Welcome! Listen for service opportunities that are relevant to your home group and bring the opportunities back to your meeting to find people who might be interested in being of service. Be sure to sign-in on the sheet that’s being passed around so we have your name, home group and contact info. Please familiarize yourself with the VWHI bylaws – find them at the Reports & Docs tab on

Announcement from the Chair: Aaron D. |

This Valleywide H&I Monthly Business Meeting is different than meetings that we find in the AA Meetings Lists and Directories. Typical AA meetings are scheduled to last one hour. Business meetings are conducted by committees and we typically meet until the business is done. This meeting typically lasts one hour and 15 minutes. We ask that you stay until the end to show respect to the Intergroups who give their reports at the end of this meeting. Please realize that the purpose of our Steering Committee is to focus on what ways we might conduct pertinent business in an effecient manner.

Guest speaker: Theresa McKenzie | Volunteer Coordinator | Maricopa County Sheriff’s Thank you to the H&I body. Spoke about volunteer opportunities at the county jails, please contact her with any questions at all.



Met with Awareness Day planning committee. Meets Sunday nights at6:30pm at 38 S. McDonald in Mesa at Dozer Ink. 3 open positions on Awareness Day committee. Still trying to get a date for the event. Switching from Indian School Steele Park to Kiwanis Park. Late October, early November.


Motion carries to accept last month’s meeting minutes.


Treasurer report is in the back. Reminder this position is open in December. Budgeted $85k for the year, we’re already at $65k. Expenses coming up: Corrections Conference in Houston

Uhaul monthly should be negative (-$185). Ahwatukee Men’s Group has 3 checks that were mailed but are unaccounted for. JJ still needs to confirm that checks were sent. Prudent reserve is $2k. Motion to accept the treasurer’s report, none opposed.


This month we spent $5,931.20 on 900 books and 30 pamphlets. I have a confirmation number

for this order. The bad news is There is no tracking number for the order and I have no info on the status or location on the books.

Here is the email from

Dear AA Friends:

Thank you for your important message. We look forward to talking to you.

As we are immersed in the process of implementing new internal systems throughout the office, we are deluged with requests for assistance and have added folks to support our customer service team. We will be in touch as soon as possible. 9/5/19

September 27th is the deadline for book orders this month.



Gave web stats. Tweaks on the website – still working on the site. New corrections page is up. Treatment Centers & Detox is next. Spanish coordinators are helping to write up a couple of Spanish pages too.


No report.


If you are going into a corrections facility and need to get a TB test, there is a shortage of TB tests in the nation right now. Florence will accept a blood test.


Not here.

MCSO: Shawna |

Current BADGED Volunteers are needed for the MOSAIC AA meetings; especially in Estrella to chair a 2nd weekly meeting for the women in the program.

MOSAIC is a 7-week program where the inmates (cohorts) selected for the program are in classes every day & provided they meet the CHS criteria, they graduate & released from jail. They are eager for meetings & work hard to ensure they graduate MOSAIC & go home or to a transitional facility. Volunteers & families are permitted to attend the graduation ceremony & it’s pretty awesome!

This is a very flexible program – you can pick the day of the week you would like to chair; the meetings can be at 6pm or 6:30pm. In exchange for this flexibility, the ‘catch’ is you must have been badged at least one year AND have gone in consistently. The remaining cohort schedule for 2019:

COHORT 17 Monday, August 19, 2019 Friday, October 4, 2019 10/01/19 10/03/19
Break week – no AA meetings Monday, October 7 – Friday, October 11
COHORT 18 Monday, October 14, 2019 Friday, November 29, 2019 11/26/19 11/28/19
Break week – no AA meetings Monday, December 2 – Friday, December 6
COHORT 19 Monday, December 9, 2019 Friday, January 24, 2020 01/21/20 01/23/20

Also, before the end of year, I will be reaching out to volunteers individually to continue building the Volunteer Database. Here are the numbers:

  • Over 60 badged volunteers & more on Gate Pass approval
  • Current database of volunteers has approximately 20 names
    • 3 of which are Brian & David – our 2 coordinators, & myself!
  • 26 AA meetings TOTAL for all 5 MCSO Jails
    • Only 1 meeting is ‘vacant’ & needs a chair person

The purpose is for the badged & Gate Pass volunteers to connect & collaborate among themselves. Weekly chair persons need back-up & support – especially if they solo. Being added to the list, simply means you’re willing to have another volunteer call you & potentially able to help. It does NOT mean you’re obligated to be of service if/when someone calls.

  • Go in as guest speaker
  • Fill-in chairperson
  • Would like to try another jail
  • Exchange of ideas to keep meetings ‘fresh’

Newly badged volunteers & those on a Gate Pass especially need ‘training’ & an opportunity to be of service. I suggest new volunteers go in with as many different chairs at any jail as possible with respect to their personal schedule.

Please tell your home groups – we can ALWAYS use more volunteers!

Detailed info regarding sobriety requirements, Updates, current meetings at each jail, & qualifications are all located on website:

Want to get badged? Follow the Four Step process and send your application to Theresa McKenzie. She will give you the training date.


1) Open positions:

Awareness Day Chair (member of steering committee; 2 year commitment – until December 2019; 2 year sobriety requirement; 1 year H&I experience preferred)

Lewis Coordinator (coordinator position; 2 year commitment – until December 2020; 2 year sobriety requirement; 1 year H&I experience preferred)

2) New bylaws to be discussed

Body agrees they’ve had a chance to review and take bylaws back to their homegroup.

Dennis made motion to accept updated bylaws; none opposed. Motion carries.


1) Richard: Questions from body from last month about certain groups not receiving books because they don’t house confined alcoholics. Concern around for-profit facilities receiving free books.

Dennis read a definition of a confined alcoholic from a facility outside of Arizona. No motion made.

2) Bob: Draft flyer for a proposal to host the 2021 National Corrections Conference in Phoenix. See flyer for more info. Bob is organizing a group to present to Corrections Conference Committee.



BTG connects people just leaving institutions with active members of AA who can take them to meetings within the first 48 hours.

Attended Sagebrush Big Book Study meeting in north Phx and got 3 new volunteers. Attended PICPC meeting. Received 9 phone calls in August.

Next meeting: 5:30pm Happy Hour Saguaro @ 9835 N. 7th St. 85020 followed by committee meeting and dinner at the Habit at 7pm at 745 E Glendale Ave 85020

Pat explains that BTG group does not offer rides to those getting out of a facility, but individual people do. Pat is looking for help; has a handout for those looking to be of service.


To the amazing body of H & I.

I do apologize for the short notice as well as not been present the last two months.

I just want to say that I am extremely grateful that the body allowed me the opportunity to be the newcomer liaison for the new H & I reps.

Unfortunately at this time I think it is in the best interest of H & I , that I step down from said position.

I am currently going through some private/personal issues and I just cannot keep my commitment. I do feel it is unfair that I keep this position when somebody else could be of service, and enjoy the experience. I am still the H&I rep for my home group and look forward to seeing you all soon

Thank you from the bottom of my heat for letting me be of service.

Laura N.

SPANISH: Gabino | or

Bad news – Lupe is leaving town so we need a new coordinator from district. She was covering Estrella – Estrella is now 2 weeks without meetings. Wednesdays at 10:30am is the current meeting in Estrella needing filled. Will talk to David.

Good news – Towers now has a meeting on Sundays. A lot of response so it’s looking good.

Institution Event – see flyer – like a mini Jamboree. To connect with Spanish speakers looking to be of service. Books or donations for entry fee. October 27th at 3001 W Indian School Rd. from 11am to 4pm.

DISTRICT 08: Tracey M. (temporary rep) |

– no rep has been present for any business meeting in 2019

Not here.


In even months reports from Hospitals and Treatment will be presented.

In odd Months Corrections and Prisons will present their reports.


HOSPITALS EAST | East of Central Ave: Harold | (not reporting)

HOSPITALS WEST | West of Central Ave: Michael | (not reporting)

TREATMENT CENTERS: Amy | (not reporting)

COMMUNITY BRIDGES WEST | 99th Ave & I-10, Avondale: Lloyd | (not reporting)

COMMUNITY BRIDGES EAST | Broadway & Mesa Dr., Mesa: Becky | (not reporting)


DURANGO & TOWERS – ESTRELLA | 35th Ave & Buckeye, South Phoenix: David |

Towers: New Spanish speaking meeting started Sunday 9/1. Volunteers need to place the rosters back into the folder.

Durango: Nothing to report

Estrella: Officer Ramos was reassigned. The program Coordinate is Officer Carlos Rumbo

BTW – Always looking for woman volunteers

LOWER BUCKEYE – 4TH AVENUE | 4th Ave. & Jefferson, Downtown Phoenix: Brian |

My apologies for not having the July report completed. There has not been any significant changes or updates to the meeting schedule since the May report. All scheduled meetings have been facilitated with an occasional back up being filled when requested. The best way to arrange for attending a meeting or to request someone to back up a volunteer is to text me on my cell number shown below and on the agenda.

4th Avenue Jail – 201 S. 4th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85003

MCSO Contact: Officer Tracy McDermott, Programs Assistant

There has been a keypad lock added to the 4th Avenue Jail Programs office. The code for it has been communicated to all of the volunteers.

The following is the schedule for 4th Avenue Jail meetings. If anyone is interested in attending a meeting as a guest speaker or to learn the process for entering the 4th Avenue Jail please see me after the meeting.

Sunday 11:00 am – noon Pod 2D2 Craig A / Darryl F

Sunday 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm Pod 3A1 Dean S / Kevin

Sunday 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm 3E1 Tim G

Monday 4:45 pm – 5:45 pm 3B1 Paul

Tuesday 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm 3C2 Ryan T / Victor V

Tuesday 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm 3F1 Harold T

Tuesday 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm 3E1 Darryl F

Tuesday 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm 3A2 Ryan T / Victor V

Wednesday 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm 3C1 Bruce B

Wednesday 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm 3D2 Guadalupe

Lower Buckeye Jail – 3250 W. Lower Buckeye Road, PHX 85009

MCSO Contact: Tracy McDermott

The following is the schedule for Lower Buckeye Jail meetings. If anyone is interested in attending a meeting as a guest speaker or to learn the process for entering the Lower Buckeye Jail please see me after the meeting.

Tuesday 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm Joseph N

Wednesday 9:00 am – 10:00 am Bob P

Wednesday 10:00 am – 11:00 am Bob P

Thursday 10:00 am – 11:00 am Bill C

Fridays 9:00 am – 10:00 am Bill W

Sobriety requirements:

1. Two years of sobriety for a volunteer ID Badge (full access & may chair solo)

a. Submit MCSO application & required paperwork

b. Attend a 3-hour training class

c. Obtain a Valley Wide H&I Sponsorship Letter (which is the “Sponsoring Agency”) from the MCSO Liaison

d. Has fingerprints taken at the Sheriff’s office for a full background / criminal records clearance check

e. Once approved by MCSO, volunteer is issued a photo ID

2. One year of sobriety for a volunteer “Gate Pass” – volunteers may only enter with a “Badged” volunteer

a. Submit MCSO application & required paperwork

b. Obtain a Valley Wide H&I Sponsorship Letter from the VWHI MCSO Liaison, NOT your AA sponsor (VWHI is the “Sponsoring Agency”)

c. Once approved by MCSO, the volunteer receives a temporary 90-day “Gate Pass” which is renewable up to one year & is accepted at all MCSO jails

ALL Applicants Must Be “Off-Paper”:

• At least 1 year since serving a term of probation or parole; or since incarcerated on any charge – even if the charge is dismissed.

• Documentation of the end date of probation or parole is required.

• At least 1-year after incarceration resulting from a misdemeanor conviction.

• At least 3 years after incarceration resulting from a felony conviction.

PHOENIX WEST | Buckeye & 35th Ave, Phoenix: Sarah S. |

Not here.

FEDERAL CORRECTIONS | I-17 & Anthem Way, Phoenix: Nicholas S. |

Looking for new volunteers; volunteers are running low! There are 4 trainings a year; will let body know. Would really like to make a push for more volunteers at the federal facilities. Men and womens facilities. Facility will always provide a person to accompany the volunteer so you will never be alone. If you want an application please email me.

ALHAMBRA | Van Buren & 24th St: Fred |

All 5 meetings are going well but we need more volunteers. Sometimes the 5 volunteers need back up. Ted will be rotating into the GSR position for the Aspen group; Ted’s commitment is up Jan 1 so we will be looking for someone to fill in – this person will have to go through the badging process.


Not here.

LEWIS | Highway 85 & Patterson, Buckeye: OPEN |

FLORENCE | Highway 79 & Butte Ave, Florence: John |

Florence consists of fourteen prison complexes –

• Pinal County Jail (i.e., Adult Detention Center) with 1,500 beds expansible to 3000 beds;

• Three State Prison Complexes: Florence with 4,000+ general population inmates and Arizona’s death row and execution chamber; Eyman with 5,000+ sex offenders; and Globe with 500+ DUI inmates;

• Two Federal Facilities: Behavioral Systems Southwest (BSS) with 92 re-entry inmates (46 male, 46 female) operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons; and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Facility operated by the Department of Homeland Security;

• Two private prisons operated by Corecivic: Florence Correctional Center (FCC) with 2,000+ Federal Marshall, ICE, California and Vermont inmates; and Central Arizona Detention Center (CADC) with 3,000+ U.S. Marshall and ICE inmates;

• Two private prisons operated by GEO Group, Inc.: Florence West with 2,000+ DUI and RTC inmates; and, Central Arizona Correctional Facility (CACF) with 1,000+ sex offenders.

• We have added four private prisons operated by Corecivic in Eloy, AZ: Eloy Detention Center, La Palma, Saguaro, and Red Rock Correctional Complexes. All house approximately 2,000 inmates each. La Palma and Eloy are under contract with ICE, Saguaro with the State of Hawaii and Red Rock with the State of Arizona. We currently take meetings into Red Rock using our DOC badge (because it is under contract with AZDOC).

We currently have about 50 badged volunteers and about 15 badges in process.

We hold a minimum of thirty-eight meetings per week with outside AA volunteers as facilitators, and about fifteen more peer-to-peer meetings run by the inmates themselves. We hold meetings in nearly every unit at Florence, Globe and Red Rock. We broadcast Recovery material through ETV Channel 39 to every cell in the Florence Complex and plan to eventually extend our broadcast to every cell in the state.

Inmates occasionally stage “AA Traditions” plays with scripts obtained online.

We provide, on a rolling basis, Back to Basics 12-Steps Workshops based on the Big Book and are gearing up for a rolling series of “position of neutrality”, 8-weeks or so each, lecture series’ to explore the deeper meaning of the Big Book text. Joe M. will conduct the “position of neutrality” series which is already included in our Channel 39 Recovery program.

Last Friday, our Pinal County Sherriff’s Office (PCSO) volunteers were feted at an appreciation dinner held by PCSO at Central Arizona College (CAC) in San Tan. Dinner was prepared by the CAC culinary school and each AA volunteer was presented with a personal appreciation letter from Sherriff Mark Lamb and a beautiful coin resembling PCSO officer’s badge.

Our DOC volunteers will be feted at an appreciation dinner on October 12th.

Florence Complex Warden Kevin Curran has recently been replaced by Warden Jeff Van Winkle. Van Winkle’s first administrative order is to require all volunteers to produce a medical letter explaining why the volunteer can’t clear the entrance magnetometer because of imbedded metal prostheses.


September Literature Order (English):

(2) B-12 Daily Reflections

(1) B-16 Large Font Big Book

(2) B-18 As Bill Sees It

(2) B-30 Big Book

(1) B-35 Pocket Big Book

PERRYVILLE | I-10 & Loop 303: Nora |

Kimberly filling in – no report.


AGUA FRIA: Sarah S |

Not here.


No report.

SALT RIVER: Kimberly |

We meet the second Tuesday of the month at the SRI Office at 7pm.

Open phone positions: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, plus after hours of Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Ask Kimberly for more info.

Reminder to please buy books and chips from your local intergroup.

Election coming up;

PICPC workshop Sat Sept 28 9:30a fly – 11:30; how to present at aa and non aa events and other public information

Zonypa flyer

Grapevine and office manager semi

Save the date: Winter alcothon planning; 630pm at central office – get date from Kimberly

CLOSE: 8:40pm

Birthdays & Responsibility Declaration