Meeting Minutes September 2018

Valleywide Hospitals and Institutions Meeting Minutes
Central Church, A United Methodist Community East Dining Room
1875 North Central Avenue Phoenix Arizona 85004
Wednesday September 12, 2018
Open: 7:05pm
Serenity Prayer
Reading of the 12th Tradition
Introduction of the new H&I Home Group Reps: Kimberly – Roots; Jay – Standford Group; Leslie – SRI office; Matt – East Valley Mens Stag; Justin – ?; Glennis – Merryville Group, Giff – Fellowship Hall; joel – alternative for cross roads; michelle – last house cross roads wet, harold – sunday morning crossroads east. Paul – 4th ave jail; Laura; Maureen – possibly Perryville.
*Homegroup reps: Listen for service opportunities that are relevent to your homegroup and bring the opportunities back to your meeting to find people who might be interested in being of service.

Announcement from the Chair: Aaron D. |
This Valleywide H&I Monthly Business Meeting is different than meetings that we find in the AA Meetings Lists and Directories. Typical AA meetings are scheduled to last one hour. Business meetings are conducted by committees adn we typically meet until the business is done. Please realize that the purpose of our Steering Committee is to focus on what ways we might conduct pertinent business in an effecient manner.

Awareness Day Jamboree Commitee meetings are going to be every Sunday at 7:30pm at Dr. Bob’s Coffee Shop. We still have open positions available on the committee. Please ask all home group reps to announce this at their meetings. Everyone who wants to can be of service whether it’s flipping burgers or setting up chairs for the event on Oct 28th at Kiwanis Park. This committee will meet every Sunday between now and the event, and we’ll need a lot of help!
I am going to be reaching out to the other outside entities this month (EVI, SRI, AFI) to get their involvment in the Awareness Day event such as setting up tents and having workshops or giving them an opportunity to speak.

Harold motions to approve July & August minutes, Tracey seconds – none opposed, motion carries.

We had an issue with a counterfeit bill! Doing what we can to prevent it. Tracey makes motion to approve treasurer report, body seconds. Motion carries.

Tracey filling in – $6,957.20 on 940 AA approved books. Please have orders in by COB on September 26th. We now have H&I labels for contribution cans for you.

See Co-Chair’s update. More info on the website.

Making tweaks and updates on site. Hope to have new Minutes/Reports section (with readable pages along with PDF downloads, by next meeting. We had 492 visitors (as of 7:38 am) with 1,763 page hits this last month. We also blocked 49 complex, and 447 brute force, attacks on the site, mostly from Russia, Eastern Europe, and Asia (as is predictable).

Not here.

Still need Perryville Coordinator – there is one present who has interest in the position.
At Awareness Day – there will be a corrections workshop. Anyone who has any interest should come!

Thanks the body for electing her. Trying to determine which meetings the books are going to so we can be a bit better organized. Still trying to get in contact with Eric to get email set up. Text is best for now.

1) Newly elected positions:
• Tom is Treatment Center Chair
• Tracey is Service Liaison
2) Open positions:
Awareness Day Chair: (member of steering committee): this position attends the H&I business meeting on the second Wednesday of every month and the H&I steering committee meeting on the fourth Wednesday of every month. The Awareness Day Chair is an events coordinator who is responsible for two events per year: Awareness Day in the fall and Awareness Day in the spring. This position will create a committee to help with Awareness Day (with support of the steering committee of course!) and holds an additional monthly meeting for the H&I Awareness Day committee. There are lots of resources for this position.

Perryville: Maureen – called to serve in the prisons. August 5th, , 2018 is new sobriety date but had 9 years of sobriety prior to that. Laura made a motion to set aside the two year sobriety suggestion, Tracey seconds motion. 45-7 motion carries. Nora stands. Kimberly stands. Maureen removed herself from the vote.
Nora – 8 years of sobriety. June 18th, 2010.
Kimberly – 9/2/09. Volunteer for a treatment center.
Nora is elected to Perryville Coordinator position by the body.

Daniel – trying to get a list of meetings that are taking meetings to treatment centers. Please go back to your homegroups and tell Daniel next week what meetings your meetings are bringing to treatment centers.
*any new business from the floor?

Robert – referring to Perryville election: tradition 1 was called into question, and tradition 12 puts principles before personalities, please be conscious of your words especially when a newcomer is involved.

In even months reports from Hospitals and Treatment will be presented.
In odd Months Corrections and Prisons will present their reports.

HOSPITALS EAST: Aaron D. | (not reporting)
HOSPITALS WEST: Morgan | (not reporting)
TREATMENT CENTERS: Daniel | (not reporting)
COMMUNITY BRIDGES WEST: Matt | (not reporting)
COMMUNITY BRIDGES EAST: Georgia | (not reporting)
MCSO: Shawna |
• Next training date for NEW volunteers – next Tuesday, September 18, 3:30PM-6:30PM, Lower Buckeye Jail / Flyers at the back
◦ If you’re applying for a temporary, 90-day Gate Pass only; you do not need to attend the 3-hour training class
◦ If you plan to obtain a Badge when sobriety requirement of 2 yrs is met, take the training when your schedule allows; they only hold 2 per month (on Tuesdays at 3:30pm)

• Bridget Mack is now the Commander of Custody Support Division & the New Volunteer Coordinator (Interim): Valerie Henderson – 602.876.7207 or email
• Possible Saturday training classes for volunteers in the future (I suggested 1 per quarter)
◦ Due to transition of MCSO Coordinator will not likely be available until later in the year

• AA Mtgs for the MOSAIC program at the Estrella Support Bldg
◦ Fantastic & flexible opportunity – but not everyone w/a badge can go in:
◦ Chairs must have a current badge for at least 1 year & experienced (on a consistent basis) chairing mtgs at the Maricopa County jails
◦ All volunteers are required to be scheduled via the MCSO Liaison prior to chairing or going into these mtgs per MCSO
◦ The additional criteria have been set by MCSO, given VWHI & ‘special considerations or exceptions’ for volunteers outside these parameters will be denied
◦ Select population w/the opportunity to be released after the 7-week program – VWHI needs to send only our best, most experienced volunteers!
• Volunteers are always needed – badged or on a Gate Pass – for all other AA mtgs scheduled within each jail!

SPANISH: Salvadore A. |
Estrella every Wednesday from 10:30am to 11:30am with 5 volunteers supporting; Durango finally got covered every Friday from 9am to 10am; Saturdays at Lower Buckeye from 1pm to 4pm doing 2 meetings in 4 different houses. At Lower Buckeye there are about 80 inmates; Estrella about 28; Durango about 40.

• New Programs Jail Assistant for Towers: Officer Denney @ 602.876.4136 (same as Officer Kaiser’s)
◦ Woman interested in volunteering at Estrella Women’s Jail, please contact me or check for the current mtg days / times. Three mtgs per week: M @ 11:30am / W @ 5:30pm / F @ 6pm
• Mtg request for the G Dorm – houses women in work furlough program. Volunteers are needed. Opportunities for one of the following days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays @ 9:30am or 10am

You can pick whatever day and whatever time you would like to take a meeting into this jail. Requirements are: 2 years of sobriety, 21 years old, 1 year off parole or probation, 36 months need to have elapsed since your last period of incarceration that was a result of a misdemeanor, fill out a 3 part questionnaire, attend a training session, and obtain a letter from your sponsoring agency.
Some people think that if they’ve never gone to jail or prison, they won’t be able to relate. They really want to hear about staying sober!
Just about anyone can take a meeting into a hospital or treatment center. This is where the juice is at!

Saturday is visitation and is th eonly day available for meetings so isn’t going quite as well as we had hoped. Chaplain Knox has not been responsive. Doug has been taking in meetings for about 15 years, August was talking to Doug and unfortunately he is no longer taking meetings in. August is working on it.

Not here

Made significant progress with new meetings: 1) Sunday night meeting for transitioning inmates. The first meeting was Aug 5 in Echo Unit and was attended by 18-20 inmates. Showed the video A New Freedom. 2) Saturday morning, started on Aug 8th at George unit – female inmates. 4 inmates in attendance. Our Friday night meeting and Saturday afternoon meeting are male inmate meetings. Our volunteer pool is doing a great job covering these meetings. Please announce at your homegroup meetings that we need a female AA volunteer.

Not here.

LEWIS: Robert |
Chaplain retired, Chaptain Thomas replaced him – 10 times more peer led meeting than aa meetings being brought in. Only 8 badged volunteers. Used to be 12-15 volunteers. Any that would be interested in taking meetings out to Lewis prison, please reach out to Robert. Two females can bring in a meeting.

Includes 1 county, 3 state, 2 federal and 4 private prisons. We have also begun volunteer service at the four private prisons in Eloy. Totals more than 28,000 inmates. Minimum of 42 AA meetings held. At least one outside AA facilitated meeting in every unit. Additional 20 informal meetings held weekly by inmates. All groups are registered at GSO with inmates as GSRs and outside Aas at alternatives. All groups are structured with trusted servants. Last meeting is birthday night where medallions are awarded. Presently 47 badged volunteers with 36 in process.
Back to basics workshops at Eyman Rynning, East and West were held from 18 June to 27 August. Graduation is scheduled for 23 Sept. Coffee, pastries served, and photographs taken. Next workshops are scheduled for Eyman Meadows and Floerence East in mid-Nov.
Meeting schedules at Pinal County Adult Detention Center have been revised.
Closed Circuit recovery material is broadcast daily to all cells from 8am to 10am and 8pm to 1am
A new Spanish group, Nueva Resolucion, has been registered as group #725409 with GSO and meets weekly in Florence/Central unit.
Weekly meetings have also begun at the Red Rock and Eloy Detention Center in Eloy, AZ.
Volunteer appreciation dinner is scheduled for Oct 23rd.
Group conscience meetings, once held the first Sunday of the month at 2pm at the Road to Recovery meeting room have been suspended for the time meeting.
Lit order: 2 Cs B-12; 4 Cs B-15; 2Cs B-17; 3Cs SB-17; 5Cs B-30; 2Cs B-35; 3Cs SB-35; 4 Ea NAV M-81; 75 SRI Meeting Schedules; 20 Area 03 Meeting Schedules

Nora elected tonight.

No update.

BTG connects people just leaving institutions with active members of AA who can take them to meetings within the first 48 hours.
10 hotline calls in August! 5 wanted to be connected with volunteers and they were. Volunteer Workshop on Sept 30 from 1-3pm at Bloopers. First hour is food and fellowship, second hour is training on how to be BTG volunteer. We need help so come and learn!
Next BTG committee meeting is on Sept 27th at 7pm at Hob Nobs on 3rd Ave & McDowell

DISTRICT 08: Aaron B. |
GSO has an urgent need for AA men to write inmates in English or in Spanish through the Corrections Correspondence Service. GSO has a waiting list of male AA members in prison who are waiting for an outside AA member to write to them. Female AA members in prison can get linked right away, thanks to all the female volunteers who have signed up.
CCS is not a traditional pen pal service that may involve financial support or letters of reference. Tihs service offers the opportunity for AA members on the inside and the outside to share experience, strength, and hope with each other via postal correspondence. GSO only makes th einitial connection, which is a random match between inmates with a drinking problem and outside AA members of the same gender who live in another region or privnce away from that correctional facility.
Some of you may be thinking “I dont write real well..” Well, lets think about this – changes are that there are not a lot of Pulitzer Prize winners in prison!All I need is willingness. “Who has an hour available out of the month to help another alcoholic?”

SPANISH: Guadalupe |
We have 20 volunteers with active badges, I’m trying to encourage all those volunteers to make use of their badges. The meetings we are bringing is: Estrella every Wednesday from 10:30am to 11:30am with 5 volunteers supporting; Durango finally got covered every Friday from 9am to 10am; Saturdays at Lower Buckeye from 1pm to 4pm doing 2 meetings in 4 different houses. At Lower Buckeye there are about 80 inmates; Estrella about 28; Durango about 40.

AGUA FRIA: George |
Not here.

Not here.

SALT RIVER: Sandra |
Not here.

CLOSE: 8:38pm