Meeting Minutes May 2020

Valleywide Hospitals and Institutions Meeting Minutes

Virtual meeting on Jitsi | Wednesday May 13, 2020 | PO Box 80126, Phoenix, 85060

Open: ~7pm

Serenity Prayer

A few housekeeping items before we get started:

Jitsi is a new platform for many of us. Adam, our Technology Chair, will mute everyone right now just to avoid unnecessary audio. If you’d like to jump in, there is a raise hand feature you can use. If you’re on desktop it’s in the lower left corner. If you’re on the phone, you can tap the three dots in the lower part of your screen, and click the hand icon. Adam will be doing his best to watch the raised hands and to manage the chat. 

Reading of the Step – Colby Step 5

Announcement from the Chair: Katy | 

Tonight is not going to be a normal business meeting. We will loosely follow the agenda we usually do but we are trying to focus on COVID-19 updates, how we plan to carry the message to the confined alcoholic, and immediate service opportunities. Loose agenda for tonight: 1) steering updates 2) updates from corrections coordinators 3) updates from treatment coordinators 4) Bridging the Gap 5) Intergroups & Spanish 6) new business 7) close

– thank you all for attending, this is a difficult time for everyone so thank you for making time for H&I

– Church we normally meet at is closed, we are still paying rent

– Awareness Day has been moved to Saturday June 13th. More information will be coming, it will be posted on the VWHI website.

– Due to the way the dates of April and May fell, we are at a little bit of a disadvantage of a steering committee tonight. Our last steering committee meeting was 3 weeks ago, and a lot has changed in the last weeks. The stay at home was extended and we have since learned that social distancing will likely be a part of our new normal for the foreseeable future.

– We are still ordering literature and we are still in need of donations – Billy and Eric will talk more about that.

– We are using Jitsi tonight, however at the last steering committee meeting we talked about purchasing an H&I Zoom account to broadcast speaker meetings to treatment centers and corrections facility. I’ll let Bootsie and Joe talk more about that since it was Joe ideas. 



No report – more on virtual Awareness Day coming soon

SECRETARY: Christin |

Did not attend the meeting


Shared screen to show March report. No “nays” so March report was approved. Shared screen to show April report. No “nays” so April report was approved.

John S. asked if reports could be published early so individuals have more time to review report. Eric said he would be ok with that. Katy said that there was previously a motion that was made to do so (~October 2019) – the motion did not carry. 


Spent $8,529.30 on 1,270 books. Please do not order books from a treatment center business email. We do not order books for facilities. We order books for volunteers who are taking meetings into facilities. There were several volunteers who did not pick-up their books last weekend – if you haven’t picked up your books yet, please reach out to me so you can get your books. 



Gave update on website and trying to keep people updated with what is going on with meetings and other H&I business. Only H&I business and other H&I relevant info will be on website.


Facilities are still closed; limited access for H&I. We can still deliver books. At the last steering committee meeting, we discussed using Zoom to broadcast a speaker series. Overall support from the body on this idea. 

In contact with a new facility that is opening soon, will share more info when available.


Bad internet connection – facilities are still shutdown.


Present but no report

MCSO: Dennis | 

Did not attend the meeting 


David L. – —  No report for Durango, Towers Estrella, facilities shutdown

Jessica – — No report for Phoenix West

John S. – — update on Florence 

1-  Florence Complexes have the highest COVID-19 infection rate of all other Arizona prison complexes combined.  Currently 60 inmates have tested positive and three have died from the disease.  Data are available for only half of the units that comprise the Florence Complexes and therefore these results are conservative.

2- There is no projected re-opening date for the State’s prison complexes.

3- There is ongoing dialogue with the newly installed volunteer coordinator,  Cynthia Taibbi, with the goal of streamlining the volunteer application and training process.  Changes have been made, but streamlining has been elusive.  In fact, much more work, complexity and responsibility has been laid upon us coordinators.

4-  Recovery material continues to be installed on our recovery educational TV channel #39 server for feed to all prison cells.  This is especially valuable during this pandemic “lockdown”.

5-  All volunteer activity, including the processing of new badges, is on hold, except badge renewals.

6- Florence North Unit “alumni” hold a virtual meeting (labeled “Beyond the Razor Wire”) every Saturday evening at 6:00 p.m.  This is such strong evidence of the Program (and God) at work!!!

Treatment Centers & Hospitals:

Harold texted, did not attend meeting – no update for Hospitals east

Treatment Centers – Amy — – coordinating a meeting for Salvation Army – meeting is co-ed on Tuesday. Anthony (volunteer coordinator) expressed interest and will get in touch with Amy. Contact Amy for more info. 

Bridging the Gap:


Bill did not attend meeting; emailed his report after:

I called up Calvary Recovery on Wednesday May 13th at 9:36 a.m. and talked to Taylor.  They are still on shut down and they will call me and let me know when they open back up to let NA and AA and BTG back in to do their meetings.  

I started going back in to James Walton House two weeks ago to do my meetings there on Monday nights from 6-7.  They are running pretty good.  I wear a mask while I am there. 

The calendar is still showing BTG meetings on the last Thursday of the month at Hobb Knobs.  We set up our meeting and restaurant each time we meet for the next month.  It is no longer the last Thursday of the month.  All have been discontinued for now.  

Looking forward to when H&I starts back up again. 

Intergroups & Spanish:

Tiffany – Agua Fria – please see for the latest on Zoom meetings and for a guide to all recent AFI info. The office is open and proper PPE is being utilized. We do not have integroup meetings at this time. 

Kimberly – Salt River – No summer round-up; SRI office is open; PPP loan was returned.

New business:

1) Overall, positive feedback on getting an H&I Zoom account to broadcast H&I speaker series. Interest from several members about getting involved and supporting the idea.

2) Shawna shared that 5 H&I volunteers would have been recognized at the MCSO banquet in March 2020. Banquet was canceled due to COVID19. Shawna said she would like to have those 5 volunteers recognized and allowed the opportunity to speak at virtual Awareness Day. Mixed feedback from the body – one comment that this would be in conflict with AA traditions; two comments that this would not be in conflict with AA traditions. No formal motion on the table so the steering committee will discuss this at the next meeting on May 27th.

3) Eric F. received a letter from Lewis Prison asking for AA, need to get a reliable coordinators

4) Eric F. and Adam will test a monthly donation feature on the website to try and increase donations. Monthly donation levels will be offered in “big books” – no ‘nays’ from the body.

No milestones to celebrate – keep coming back!

Responsibility declaration

Close: ~8pm