Meeting Minutes March 2019

Valleywide Hospitals and Institutions Meeting Minutes

Central Church, A United Methodist Community East Dining Room

1875 North Central Avenue Phoenix Arizona 85004

Wednesday March 13, 2019

Open: 7:01pm

Serenity Prayer

Reading of the Concept

Introduction of the new VWHI Home Group Reps

*Home group reps: Welcome! Listen for service opportunities that are relevant to your home group and bring the opportunities back to your meeting to find people who might be interested in being of service. Be sure to sign-in on the sheet that’s being passed around so we have your name, home group and contact info. Please familiarize yourself with the VWHI bylaws – find them at the Resources tab on

Announcement from the Chair: Aaron D. |

This Valleywide H&I Monthly Business Meeting is different than meetings that we find in the AA Meetings Lists and Directories. Typical AA meetings are scheduled to last one hour. Business meetings are conducted by committees adn we typically meet until the business is done. Please realize that the purpose of our Steering Committee is to focus on what ways we might conduct pertinent business in an effecient manner.

*Next ad hoc bylaws committee meeting: Thursday March 21st at 7pm at Jerry’s Restaurant in Phoenix.



Met with chairperson at EVI to get involved in their events and vice versa.

Awareness Day is at Kiwanis Park Park on May 11 at Ruben Romero picnic area. $5 or Big Book donations. Food, workshops, etc. We need help: planning committee still has 16 positions open! The planning committee meets every Sunday night at Denny’s at Rural and the 60 at 7:30pm. Sponsors – bring your sponsees!

Body asked about sobriety requirements: most are 2 years but treasurer is 5 years required.

Body asked about what to donate: baked goods, money, jewelry.

Harold – yes there are positions that have sobriety requirements but there is a lot of other help that is needed.

Body asked: someone has a gift basket to donate, JJ asked him to reach out to him directly.

Flyers are not done yet but JJ is working on them.


Reminder to coordinators to please submit digital reports by email prior to meeting if possible.

Motion to accept, none opposed. Motion carries.


Treasurer reports are in the back. We had a great month this past month. Presented 2019 budget.

Body asked: they would like more info the 501c3 – Dennis said please contact me directly. Budget is two sheets. Until a few years ago, we were buying literature every other month when corrections and treatment both reported at the meeting. Dennis explained budget and gave some details about what happened and cost that have been incurred in the past.

Body: I don’t see the prudent reserve? Was it calculated each month? Steering committee: the prudent reserve is carried each month.

Contribute a box as opposed to a dollar amount – someone from EVI. Chair will coordinate with the individual willing to donate.

Body asked about a literature question – maybe how many big books we ordered last month.


I apologize for not being present tonight. I have a temporary position- the hours were 7:30-
3 PM which was changed to 8-6. The position terminates this week. I will contact coordinators
for book distribution. This month we spent $8,091.16 on 1,134 books and AAWS approved literature and material. Please have your book order in by COB March 28th.


See co-chair’s report.

JJ – mentioned the pre-sale tickets. Some of the tickets that went out last month had the wrong date printed on the tickets. Please see JJ after the meeting if you had any of tickets. We are pre-selling tickets so please see JJ after the meeting to get some tickets to sell to your homegroups.

Body asked: assuming that if homegroups buy up tickets then the tickets can be donated to people who can’t afford.

Are the Awareness Day tickets available online for purchase? Waiting on a the tax ID number to be inputted before that can happen.


Stats: 600 unique visitors to the website, 1500-2000 actual visits. Eastern Europe is still trying to hack us. Working on website changes that align with some of the new government laws. Hoping to protect everyone’s anonymity by improving tech on the website, infrastructure and emails. Working on new website – menu for treatment, Maricopa county, corrections, etc. Planning to make a presentation regarding the website and 11th tradition at next month’s meeting. Will make the website easier to use, especially for coordinators, AA people outside of VWHI, and members of the public. Really working to make the site more mobile friendly.

Body asked: when will tech presentation be? Next month.

Robert: mentioned in January that would be what Eric is looking for


Robert: JJ is busy with Awareness; picking up some slack. Destiny’s Spring is open and needs volunteers, 7 days a week from 7pm to 8pm. 17300 N Dysart Rd. Kelly.

Robert plans to filling in for now.

Alison – has people who are taking an H&I meeting into a facility but they are new and want some training.

JJ: East Mesa – Unhooked the Heights – Sunday morning at 10am

Pam: interested in taking a meeting into Crossroads in Mesa

Maryanne – 6:30pm Friday night into Unhooked; will take additional meeting back to homegroup


Not here – no report.


Friday 29th at Gloria Dei – Corrections Conference 4-7pm reg, 7-8pm is registration; 8-5pm on Saturday – agenda is on back table. $17 for a ticket. for registration.

Body asked: what is the corrections conference? Tracy: Correctional public (judges, lawyers, etc) to come together and see what VWHI is all about.

MCSO: Shawna |

Current badged volunteers – if you missed the Annual Renewal Training on February 6th.. Please attend one (1) of the scheduled make up sessions by April 1st in order to avoid suspension of your badge. Please RSVP with Valerie Henderson to schedule – 602.876.7206.

Makeup sessions available:

1. Wednesday, March 20th, 2019 – 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.


3250 West Lower Buckeye Road, Phoenix.

2. Thursday, March 28th, 2019 – 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.


3250 West Lower Buckeye Road, Phoenix.

3. Saturday, March 30th 2019- 8:00 am to 9:30 am


2627 South 35th Ave., Phoenix

(East side of 35th Ave., just south of Durango Street)

Upcoming New Volunteer Training date:

  • Wednesday, March 20th 3:30pm – 6:30pm at Lower Buckeye Jail. Please RSVP with Valerie Henderson to schedule – 602.876.7206. (Flyers & map in the back.)

Detailed info regarding sobriety requirements, Updates, current mtgs at each jail, & qualifications for mosaic mtgs are all located on website:


1) Open positions:

Awareness Day Chair (member of steering committee; 2 year commitment (until December 2019); 1 year sobriety requirement; 1 year H&I experience preferred)

Treatment Chair (member of steering committee; 2 year commitment (until December 2019); 5 year sobriety requirement; 2 years served as meeting facilitator or treatment coordinator preferred).

Pam standing. Bruce makes motion to accept acclimation, someone from body seconds. Motion carries, none opposed.

Hospitals West (coordinator position; 2 year commitment; 2 year sobriety requirement; 1 year H&I experience preferred)

Michael standing for Hospitals West. Robert makes motion to accept Michael by acclimation. Tracy seconds. Motion carries.

Phoenix West (coordinator position; 2 year commitment; 2 year sobriety requirement; 1 year H&I experience preferred)

Technology Alt-Chair

2) Prudent reserve increase from $1500 to $2000 to cover any additional fees associated with filing for 501(c)(3) status and taxes


No new business.

*any new business from the floor?



BTG connects people just leaving institutions with active members of AA who can take them to meetings within the first 48 hours.

Meeting minutes from last BTG meeting included phone schedule, calling James Walton House – assisting veterans in recovery. Committee attended meeting in Mesa and got 5 new members. PatG gives 24-28 hour notice prior to newcomer being discharged. PICPC meeting not attended in Feb. Continuing to attend dark meetings to collect new members in dark zip codes.


Not here.

SPANISH: Gabino |

Still attending to our Spanish meeting in Estrella, Durango and Lower Buckeye jails. Estrella meetings are between 10:30am to 11:30am. Officer Chazez at 4th ave jail is open to AA Spanish meetings but there’s not enough people asking for AA meetings. Officer is looking for more people. On Friday 22nd we will be having a meeting in Rimrock AZ because there are some people from Prescott, Sedona, and Cottonwood. Interested in attending the Verde Valley Detention Facility. Well Frisbie is the coordinator for men and will help us with the application process.


In even months reports from Hospitals and Treatment will be presented.

In odd Months Corrections and Prisons will present their reports.

HOSPITALS EAST: Harold | (not reporting this month)

HOSPITALS WEST: OPEN | (not reporting this month)

TREATMENT CENTERS: Daniel | (not reporting this month)

COMMUNITY BRIDGES WEST: Alison | (not reporting this month)

COMMUNITY BRIDGES EAST: Becky | (not reporting this month)


Met with Officer Denny. Friday meeting at 5pm was moved to 7pm. Only issue was that on the roster was that sent out, someone is writing people that’s not on the list. Officer does a background on everyone so not good that someone is writing in names. If they miss one or two meetings, they can’t keep going. Durango: met with the officers – talked for a few hours; officers said David was the first person who has ever come in from H&I. Estrella – we need women! Lots of women! Wednesday at 5:30pm, Friday at 6:30pm. Ordered big books for facilities as well. Meeting with officers from Estrella this weekend. Always looking for volunteers at those jails.

Email address on agenda is incorrect – please email:


Temporary backup for a Monday meeting at 4th Avenue Jail was arranged while Paul B recovers from back surgery. We wish Paul a speedy recovery. A text group list is being used to communicate to the 4th Avenue Jail volunteers when someone is unable to make their meeting and needs a substitute.

A meeting was added to 4th Avenue Jail and a volunteer has been identified for it.

The following is the schedule for 4th Avenue Jail meetings. If anyone has an interested to attend a meeting as a guest speaker or to learn the process for entering the 4th Avenue Jail please see me after the meeting.


Looking for English speaking meetings – this is a DUI prison. Badging requirements

Contact Bootise who is the Corrections Coordinator if you are interested.


First month! Got lots of info to get started. Mel Frisbie, the Phoenix corrections system coordinator.
Staff Training (below)
March 21 is for badged members
May 16 will be for new volunteers
Still seeking contact for Safford & Tucson


All meetings are going well except we have a vacancy in the Women's Unit at Alhambra -
George Unit. However, we have Shirley being processed and should be cleared soon. We
have 5meetings going on now. Aspen Unit, Alhambra F Unit, Flamingo King Unit, and 
Alhambra Echo Unit.
We for the month of February to Chaplin Henderson.


Still working on getting connected with the right people. More to come!

LEWIS: Robert |

All is good – always looking for more volunteers.


Florence corrections complexes include 1 county, 3 state, 2 federal and 4 private prisons, plus 4 private prisons in Eloy, AZ. All told, Florence inmate population exceeds 28,000.

A minimum of forty-two meetings are facilitated by AA volunteers each week, at least one volunteer facilitated meeting in every Unit. An additional thirty (informal) meetings are held weekly by the inmates themselves.

All groups are registered with GSO, inmates as GSRs and outside AAs as alternates. All groups are structured with an elected GSR, Chairman, Secretary, Librarian, Greeter and Grapevine manager. The last meeting of each month is designated the birthday meeting at which sobriety medallions are awarded followed by an inmate speaker.

We presently have forty-seven badged volunteers with sixty-five more in process. Several of our volunteers are also badged for Corecivic, GEO and PCSO service.

A fresh Back to Basics workshop was started Tuesday, March 5th, at the Eyman/Meadows Unit with one hundred thirty-three inmates participating.

Meetings have once again been suspended at the Florence/East Unit due to the AA volunteer failing to honor his commitment.

Meeting schedules for the Pinal County Adult Detention Center (Jail) have been revised and newly staffed with AA volunteers.

Closed-circuit recovery material (mostly AA talks and videos) is broadcast daily to all cells from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. in the morning and 8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. at night. Inmates have been submitting letters of support and gratitude to the administration in an effort to secure funds for the purchase of more bandwidth, thus enabling broadcast throughout the AZ prison system.

A Recovery Day event was held in the Florence/North Unit on Friday, February 22nd, with information booths and a program of volunteer speakers representing all twelve-step programs on the Unit. Attendance is estimated at 200 inmates.

A 2-hour, 12-Step roundup style event with outside AA speakers and Q&A sessions was held at Eloy Red Rock on Saturday, February 16TH.

Group conscience meetings, once held the first Sunday of the month at 2:00 in the afternoon at the Road to Recovery meeting room, have been temporarily suspended.


Kimberly filling in – need volunteers.

DISTRICT 08: New rep – please see Katy after the meeting so she can get your contact info 🙂

no rep was present for business meeting in Jan or Feb 2019


SPANISH: Gabino |

Not here.

AGUA FRIA: | New rep, welcome! Please see Katy after the meeting so she can get your contact info 🙂 – no rep was present for business meeting in Jan or Feb 2019

Not here.


Not here.

SALT RIVER: Kimberly |

Attend the intergroup meeting on the second Tues of every month at 7pm.

PICPC will be at PVCC at a booth. PICPC helps with public awareness of what AA is and isn’t.

Always looking for phone help – especially afters: 6am to 9am on Sunday, 11pm – 6am on Thursday nights/Friday morning. 1 year sobriety requirement. Gave phone and website statistics. Saturday 9am to 1pm is open to volunteers – help with admin tasks. Summer Round up: second week in Aug (9,10,11); March 27th is first committee meeting.



Responsibility Declaration