Meeting Minutes July 2019

Valleywide Hospitals and Institutions Meeting Minutes

Central Church, A United Methodist Community East Dining Room

1875 North Central Avenue Phoenix Arizona 85004

Wednesday July 10, 2019

Open: 7:01pm

Serenity Prayer

Reading of the Concept

Introduction of the new VWHI Home Group Reps

*Home group reps: Welcome! Listen for service opportunities that are relevant to your home group and bring the opportunities back to your meeting to find people who might be interested in being of service. Be sure to sign-in on the sheet that’s being passed around so we have your name, home group and contact info. Please familiarize yourself with the VWHI bylaws – find them at the Resources tab on

Announcement from the Chair: Aaron D. |

This Valleywide H&I Monthly Business Meeting is different than meetings that we find in the AA Meetings Lists and Directories. Typical AA meetings are scheduled to last one hour. Business meetings are conducted by committees adn we typically meet until the business is done. Please realize that the purpose of our Steering Committee is to focus on what ways we might conduct pertinent business in an effecient manner.

JJ filling in.



No report this month – will have the Awareness Day financial report next month.


No updates. Motion to accept last month’s meeting minutes, none opposed.


All of our monthly reports are now online! If you look at our monthly expenditures – for June, we kicked butt. $14k for lit – this is two months combined. $505 printing bill tonight, but only paid $85. Uhaul monthly charge, some supplies. Corrections conference is in November so we paid the $70 registration fee. Awareness Day expense – replaced a generator that was stolen at Awareness Day. We just picked up area meeting lists too. There were a couple of spots that I missed, so when I add up the year so far we are over $50k which is amazing. Motion made to accept treasurer’s report, none opposed.


We spent $6,927 on 1,036 books and 300 pamphlets. Please have your order in by Thursday July 25th. Has the flier for the annual corrections conference in Houston, please come take a pic of it.



480 unique visitors for the month. Turkey is in the lead for trying to hack us. Still working on new set of web pages – really hoping to have that ready for next month. Setting up a map for corrections, but not treatment centers because most of those are not ‘open’ meetings. You can always see updates at

If you go to the Reports & Docs page – you can find the draft of the update Bylaws here.


Sorry I missed last month’s meeting, I’m back! Integra Healthcare 1501 E Orangewood in Phoenix, good job at filling most of their meeting requests. Two 7pm meetings on Friday night still needed, one is men’s stag and one is co-ed. Please reach out to Pam via email if you are interested in being of service. A couple of Banner Behaviorals opening soon, please reach out to Pam if you are interested, so she can share the details when they become available.

Does anyone here take a meeting into Integra on Tuesday nights? No.

Working to get a list of places that we are taking meetings into – some people are protective but we just want to have a list so in case anything happens.

Unhooked Mesa on Saturdays at 4pm – needs men’s to speak.


Not here.


No report.

MCSO: Shawna |

Reiterate last month’s report – will not be publicizing Training Dates because people were just showing up (per MCSO). There is a four step application process is posted on the Volunteers tab on, please refer to this process as the process for training.

PLEASE BE SURE NOT TO LEAVE ANYTHING OFF YOUR BADGING APPLICATION. If you do not include everything, there is a good chance you will be denied – even if it’s unintentional.

Met with her counterpart, she has great ideas so we’ll see where those take us! Shawna has invited her to come and speak to the body in September, and invited her to Awareness Day in the fall.

Questions from the body:

What third party do they use for background checks? A: I don’t think they use one.

Do people need to list things that have been expunged? A: Yes.

Is there a limit for how far back we need to go? A: No, you have to include everything.

Do you have to have a fingerprint card? A: No.

How long is your badge good for? A: Badges should list expiration date on the badge.


1) Open positions:

Awareness Day Chair (member of steering committee; 2 year commitment – until December 2019; 2 year sobriety requirement; 1 year H&I experience preferred)

Community Bridges West (coordinator position; 2 year commitment – until December 2020; 2 year sobriety requirement; 1 year H&I experience preferred)

Lloyd is standing for the position. Tracey makes a motion to accept by acclimation. Casey seconds motion.

Question: When is the next Awareness Day? A: Sometime in October.

Someone from the body requested to help with Awareness Day, will talk to JJ after.

Lewis Coordinator (coordinator position; 2 year commitment – until December 2020; 2 year sobriety requirement; 1 year H&I experience preferred)

No one standing.

2) Rep from Ahwatukee morning men’s group: Calling it to our attention that our bylaws state – In the event that a position is eligible for succession, and if its not filled, that position shall remain active and it shall remain on the monthly agenda under old business until a qualified individual is elected.

Aaron D. [Chairperson] – we are aware of this section in our by laws, and we have elected all officials as such. Thank you.


  1. New bylaws to be presented by Ad Hoc Bylaws committee

Dennis: made 75 copies of the updated bylaws. The oil that keeps the machine running. It’s suggested that the bylaws are reviewed once every two years. Treasurer will be open 😉

We can open up for discussion now but our intent is for you to take this back to your homegroup and discuss, look over. There’s a lot that was added because we became a 501C3, please review. We’d like to get these approved before Sept/Oct. We’ll print off more for next month. Because we alternate corrections and treatment, we’re going to give the body ample time.

*any new business from the floor?



BTG connects people just leaving institutions with active members of AA who can take them to meetings within the first 48 hours.

Not here.


Lloyd is standing in for Laura, passing around sign in sheet and

SPANISH: Gabino |

Alex – runs the meetings in Phoenix West.

Alex: we recently started doing the meetings at Phoenix West. There’s a lot of people here that want English speaking meeting. Never chaired English meetings but giving it a whirl! Spoke with Sarah (new Phoenix West coordinator) about getting more volunteers. If you have recent criminal history, chaplain will send applications to Alex and explaining the situation. It’s a privately owned prison so they do things their way. Now that we are doing meetings, it should be run faster. Only 3 who are covering Phoenix West! The meetings are 1.5 hours.

Also trying to work with Florence too.

Gabino: Last time we mentioned working with Perryville, we only have a few guys so we are focused on Florence.

Alex: Working on phone interviews with Perryville so that process is working faster too.

480 529 0780 (Alex)

Saturdays – the Chaplain is there so Alex can hand deliver.

Geo is under state contract – so at Florence, they accept DOC badges.

DISTRICT 08: New rep – please see Katy after the meeting so she can get your contact info 🙂

– no rep has been present for any business meeting in 2019

Tracey: The person who was elected had to step down. One of the things on the agenda is this position. If you are interested, please attend next Tues at Gloria Day in PV.


In even months reports from Hospitals and Treatment will be presented.

In odd Months Corrections and Prisons will present their reports.


HOSPITALS EAST | East of Central Ave: Harold | (not reporting)

HOSPITALS WEST | West of Central Ave: Michael | (not reporting)

TREATMENT CENTERS: Amy | (not reporting)

COMMUNITY BRIDGES WEST | 99th Ave & I-10, Avondale: OPEN |

COMMUNITY BRIDGES EAST | Broadway & Mesa Dr., Mesa: Becky | (not reporting)


DURANGO & TOWERS – ESTELLA | 35th Ave & Buckeye, South Phoenix: David |

Towers: they need big books so they were delivered.

Durango: usually ask for an order of books, but the coordinator said they can just hand out big books.

Estrella: Officer Rice is no longer jail coordiantor, has been replaced by Carlos Rambo. Ramos: there will be no volunteers to Dorm I, has been switched Dorm J.

Gate passes (ladies) you are not eligible to go into dorms but you can go into classroom.

Got an email from Officer Ramos: they had an override, never happened since David has been doing this. (override = lockdown) Supposed to call in prior to meeting to be sure it’s not locked down.

Always looking for female volunteers.


LOWER BUCKEYE – 4TH AVENUE | 4th Ave. & Jefferson, Downtown Phoenix: Brian |

Was going to email report to David?

PHOENIX WEST | Buckeye & 35th Ave, Phoenix: Sarah S. |

See Spanish report.

FEDERAL CORRECTIONS | I-17 & Anthem Way, Phoenix: Nicholas S. |

Has training coming up in mid-August, refresher is 2 hours, new volunteers is 4 hours.

There are two other facilities in the state if you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to Nicholas.

ALHAMBRA | Van Buren & 24th St: Fred |

All meetings are going well except a change – All female inmates have been moved to Perryville. Working with Perryville coordinator on that. We have 5 meetings going on now. Aspen, Alhambra F, Flamingo John, Flamingo King, and Alhambra Echo.


Not here.

LEWIS | Highway 85 & Patterson, Buckeye: OPEN |

FLORENCE | Highway 79 & Butte Ave, Florence: John |

Gratitute for the fellowship.

Two new meditation meetings. New material is continually being added to TV channels. Attendance is up at all meetings. Once a year an appreciation dinner is put on for all volunteers – it’s happening in October. Money left over is given to charity.

PERRYVILLE | I-10 & Loop 303: Nora |

Kimberly standing in: will connect with Fred. Has two meetings happening at the same time so needs volunteers. Sounds like there will be an increase in women from Alhambra.


SPANISH: Gabino |

See Spanish coordinator report.

AGUA FRIA: Sarah S |

Position for archivist is still open, so we decided to build a committee since the position has been open for awhile. 5 year commitment. Intergroup needs help over the summer with phones, please contact Kay – info is on back table. 36th anniversary – save the date is on the back table – Sept 28th. Fifth tradition events: NYE event – needs a chair, Christmas event – needs volunteers, Thanksgiving – needs volunteers and committee members. 7/20 at noon – first meeting for Thanksgiving alcothon. Destiny Sober Living at Carver Ranch – they need a meeting any day 7p-8pm. In Lavine.


Special events: Bowl o thon Aug 3rd – Mesa Lanes. $20.

Phones: still need volunteers.

Found a new location for EVI meeting, Church of the Epiphany – 2222 S. price Rd. – speaker meeting the first friday of the month.

SALT RIVER: Kimberly |

Flyer in the back for SRI alcothon. Biz meetings are second Tues of the month at the SRI office.

SRI Round Up – lots of positions availabl.e, see Kimberly

Wednesday 9am – 12pm, in August, will need phone coverage.

“Challenge” area challenge to help support AA – next month is $8.06.

Promises in the Pines 26-28 at a campground

Coming up this week: July 12-14 AA Women’s Conference in Tubac

Payson Round Up 26-28 August

Aug 22-25, Native American conference (Wee-Ko-Pa)

Prescott Aug 30-31 Shoestring Round up


Birthdays & Responsibility Declaration