Meeting Minutes January 2019

Valleywide Hospitals and Institutions Meeting Minutes
Central Church, A United Methodist Community East Dining Room
1875 North Central Avenue Phoenix Arizona 85004
Wednesday January 9, 2019

Open: 7:02pm
Serenity Prayer
Reading of the 12th Concept
Introduction of the new H&I Home Group Reps
*Home group reps: Welcome!
Dave – Bloopers Tempe; Nora – Last House; Anthony – Chandler Noon group; Daniel – 4848; Kenny – Breakfast Club; Bob – Upon Awaking in Gilbert; Nicholas – Ahwatukee; Gabino – AA Spanish; Ryan – East Valley Men’s Stag in Gilbert; James – Bill’s Soldier; warn e- west valley recovery; Dan – Dog Tired, (did not get name) – Sober Girls and Maryvale; Cody – Happy Valley Group; Paul – Breakfast Club Mesa, Chris – Slippery Slopes, Andrew – Common Thread; Diana – Stepping Stones; Matt and Kelly from Destiny Springs in Surprise.
Listen for service opportunities that are relevant to your home group and bring the opportunities back to your meeting to find people who might be interested in being of service. Be sure to sign-in on the sheet that’s being passed around so we have your name, home group and contact info. Please familiarize yourself with the H&I bylaws – find them at the Resources tab on

Announcement from the Chair: Aaron D. |
This Valleywide H&I Monthly Business Meeting is different than meetings that we find in the AA Meetings Lists and Directories. Typical AA meetings are scheduled to last one hour. Business meetings are conducted by committees adn we typically meet until the business is done. Please realize that the purpose of our Steering Committee is to focus on what ways we might conduct pertinent business in an effecient manner.
*Next ad hoc bylaws committee meeting: Thursday Jan 17th at 7pm at Jerry’s Restaurant in Phoenix.
Robert is filling in.

Next Awareness Day planning meeting is this Sunday at 7:30pm. Will be every Sunday at 7:30pm at Dr. Bob’s Coffee. They need LOTS of people to volunteer!

December meeting minutes say agenda, not minutes. Oops, sorry! Tracey motion to accept minutes, second. None opposed.

We had a pretty good year! Total was about ~$83k. Any feedback or complaints, just let Dennis know! Any veterans available for a Sunday meeting?

Tracey filling. This month we spent $6,505.67 on 900 AA books, 100 pamphlets and Navajo Big Books and CDs. The AWS website will be shut down from Jan 20th to Feb 4th. Book order will be placed on Feb 5th. That is only an eight day window for the book order and delivery. Books may be late. Please place your book order by Feb 1st.
Ashley – former BTG – if anyone wants bookmarks for Bridging the Gap, please raise your hand.

No update.

120 unique visitors in the past 24 hours; 400 visitors over the month. Someone from Slovenia is trying to hack us but it’s all good. Shawna has sent over some web pages to be updated, Eric is working on that. Working on providing members a link if they want to speak at a specific facility; they can subscribe and unsubscribe to the list. If you were elected as a coordinator at the last meeting, please see Eric after the meeting to get set up with your email address. Shared thoughts and love for Aaron B.
Would be good to start nurturing some minds for the next person taking over. C panel and WordPress would be good to know if you are interested in the web servant position.

Not here – stepped down.

Good news – we have a finalized date, time and place for corrections – Friday March 29th and all day on March 30th and Gloria Dei church. Program is coming along, encourages everyone to attend.
Challenge is that Federal Corrections has difficulty sticking – coordinator who was elected last month is not able to take on the commitment. This will be added to new business. Federal Corrections coordinator will handle men and woman.

Welcome to new coordinators, thanks to outgoing coordinators. Sent an email through website to previous coordinators to contact new coordinators. Echos what Bootsie said about the Corrections Conference. Next meeting is this Saturday starting at 4pm for fellowship, 4:30pm – 6pm at Denny’s at Rural and the 60. The area vice chair, Mel F., will be speaking at 8:30pm at Bloopers.

MCSO: Shawna
• Next NEW Volunteer Training Date: Wednesday, January 23rd – 3:30 – 6:30pm at Lower Buckeye Jail, 3250 West Lower Buckeye Road (handout at the back)
◦ Gate Pass only applicants do not need to take the New Volunteer training class
• Current badged volunteers – Annual Renewal Training date is set for Wednesday, February 6th – five 90-minute classes will be offered throughout the day. Check your mailbox for the renewal paperwork.
◦ Newly badged volunteers: If you attended the New Volunteer training after September 1st to end of 2018, you are not required to attend Renewal Training until 2020
• Progress on database / spreadsheet of badged volunteers, volunteers on a Gate Pass, & current chairs for all MCSO jails to ‘cross-train’ at other jails; either as a speaker or to cover when needed. Please see the handout at the back table!
Passing out clipboards – please sign if you’re a current badged or Gate Pass volunteer!
Alison asked about February training dates – probably no February training dates.

1) Elections – this agenda reflects the new contact info for the coordinators
2) Open positions:
Awareness Day Chair (member of steering committee; 2 year commitment; 1 year sobriety requirement; 1 year H&I experience preferred)
Hospitals West (coordinator position; 2 year commitment; 2 year sobriety requirement; 1 year H&I experience preferred)
Phoenix West (coordinator position; 2 year commitment; 2 year sobriety requirement; 1 year H&I experience preferred)
No one standing.

Two newly available positions:
Treatment Chair is open (member of steering committee; 1 year commitment (normally 2 but has been filled for last year; FILL IN)
Cody – for Treatment Chair
Federal Corrections coordinator (2 year commitment; FILL IN)

*any new business from the floor?
Kelly – Destiny’s Spring Healthcare, new facility in Surprise, has brochures. 5 units, 1 unit has 10 private beds/rooms . 20 adolescent beds, 40 adults beds, and 20 geriatric beds. Looking for 6 meetings a week, M- Sat at 7pm – this is for adult facility. Hopefully opening in 1-2 months. Bell and Dysart. Adolescent hall will have fingerprint requirements. New hospital, taking a holistic approach to mental health. Will have inpatient and outpatient.


BTG connects people just leaving institutions with active members of AA who can take them to meetings within the first 48 hours.
Monthly meeting at Hob Nobs, last Thursday of the month at 5:30pm.
Dark zones 1/31 at 5:30pm – going to get a group together. Lucky Buddha in Goodyear. Meet there at 5pm and go to meeting at 7pm – . James Walton house – just recently picked up a meeting at the sober house for veterans. This is in leiu of committee meeting. Committee meeting will now be rolling and will be at a different location each month.

Home group reps – please fill out the clipboard with your information.

Bob – report from National Corrections in Portland ME. Every November in first full weekend, 317 registers, 6 scholarships. Banquet 156 attendees. People from all over the US. 56% were outside the state of main. 4 volunteers from AZ. Finances, $16, 519. ~17k in expenses. Glitch with hotel and some people weren’t able to register. The short fall caused deficit of $1100. Conference is self supportive. Given $4k in seed money to get it started. [see email]
This year will be in Houston. You can register online
Next year it will be in Chicago.
Has contacted a hotel in the Valley, has formed an exploratory committee to try and get the Corrections Conference to come to phoenix. Will go to Houston to present a bid. If successful, would like to get this body involved and would like to work with the area corrections coordinator and body as well. That would 2021.

In even months reports from Hospitals and Treatment will be presented.
In odd Months Corrections and Prisons will present their reports.

HOSPITALS EAST: Harold | (not reporting)
HOSPITALS WEST: OPEN | (not reporting)
TREATMENT CENTERS: Daniel | (not reporting)
COMMUNITY BRIDGES WEST: Alison | (not reporting)
COMMUNITY BRIDGES EAST: Becky | (not reporting)
SPANISH: Gabino |
New rep – please see Katy after the meeting so she can get your contact info 🙂

Woman interested in volunteering at Estrella Women’s Jail, there are only 3 meetings per week: M @ 11:30am / W @ 5:30pm / F @ 6:30pm. The women chairing always welcome new co-chairs & speakers!
The Wednesday 5:30pm meeting chairs need support – 1 week of each month is available for someone to chair permanently, ASAP. It’s currently chaired by a volunteer who needs to step down for work & school; she will cover as long as she can.
Meeting request for the G Dorm – houses women in work furlough program. Volunteers are needed. Opportunities for one of the following days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays @ 9:30am or 10am

LBJ (Lower Buckeye Jail)
I reached out to the Programs Asst. Lynette Anderson and introduced myself. She is working to compile the meetings and identify any needs for volunteers. The timeframe for me to follow up with her is in 4 weeks. Current LBJ Volunteers have been identified from Aaron’s records and I will confirm these and who’s handling which meetings. The current AA meetings as posted on are follows:
Sunday @ 4pm
Tuesdays @ 9am in (2) different units
Tuesday @ 6pm
Wednesday @ 10am
Wednesdays have two separate meetings @ 5pm in different units
Sunday @ 4pm
Volunteers are needed for two meetings as requested:
1. Sundays between 1:00pm – 6:00pm
Mondays between 3:00pm – 7:00pm
Saturdays between Noon – 7:00pm
2. One of the following days / times:
Sundays – between 10:00am – 6:00pm
Thursdays – between 2:00pm –7:000pm
Saturdays – between 8:000am – 7:00pm
4th Avenue Jail – I reached out to Programs Asst. Officer Chavez to introduce myself and to determine any needs for meetings or volunteers. I have received from Shawna D. the most recent list of meetings and volunteers. The currents meetings are:
Sundays have four separate meetings: 11:00am / 2:00pm / 3:00pm / 5:00pm
Mondays have two separate meetings: 11:30am & 3:45pm
Thursdays have two separate meetings at 5:00pm in different units

No report

Tracey – reporting for Aaron; Federal womens camp is doing well, Mondays at 5pm. 15-20 mwomen are meeting. Amy little is chairing. If you are interested in attending or getting involed. 623 326 9413.

All meetings are going well. 5 meetings currently. 1 meeting for the women. Other meetings are for men. Tuesdays and Fridays at 5:30pm, Saturday at 1pm for both men and women; 6pm on Sunday for men. Shirley took a phone interview from someone at Alhambra and still waiting for follow up. Emailed time ticket for the month of Dec to Chaplain Henderson.

No report yet – will see steering committee after meeting.

LEWIS: Robert |
No word from Lewis yet, a couple of people going into higher security unit – they took the holidays off. Previously inmates had been taking some liberties.

Florence corrections complexes include 1 county, 3 state, 2 federal and 4 private prisons. We also provide volunteer service at the four private prisons in Eloy, AZ, These complexes, in total, house more than 28,000 inmates. A minimum of forty-two meetings are held by AA volunteers each week; at least one outside AA-facilitated meeting in every Unit every week. An additional twenty-four (informal) meetings are held weekly by the inmates themselves. All groups are registered at GSO with inmates as GSRs and outside AAs as alternates. All groups are structured with an elected GSR, Chairman, Secretary, Librarian and Greeter. The last meeting of each month is designated the birthday meeting, at which sobriety medallions are awarded followed by an inmate speaker.
We presently have forty-seven badged volunteers with thirty-seven more in process. Several of our volunteers are also Corecivic, GEO and PCSO badged.
A Back to Basics workshop is scheduled to begin in February at the Eyman/Meadows Unit.
Meetings have resumed in the Florence/East Unit following a two-year hiatus,
Meeting schedules for the Pinal County Adult Detention Center (Jail) have been revised and newly staffed with AA volunteers.
Closed-circuit recovery material (mostly AA talks and videos) is broadcast daily to all cells from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. in the morning and 8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. at night. Inmates have been submitting letters of support and gratitude to the administration in an effort to secure funds for the purchase of more bandwidth, thus enabling broadcast throughout the AZ prison system.
A new Spanish group, Nueva Resolución, has been registered as group # 725409 with GSO and meets weekly in the Florence/Central Unit.
Weekly meetings have also begun at the Red Rock and Eloy Detention Centers in Eloy, AZ.
Inmates at Florence/North Unit hold quarterly nacho parties in conjunction with our AA meeting.
The nachos are prepared in improved double boilers. Attendance is up.
Inmates at Florence/West Unit recently staged a Traditions play, designed as a clever way to
acquaint the inmates with the substance and importance of the AA Traditions. Huge success!
Group conscience meetings, once held the first Sunday of the month at 2:00 in the afternoon at the Road to Recovery meeting room, have been temporarily suspended.

4 volunteers at Perryville, Seal has stepped down. Snowbird volunteers have let their badges lapse after about 10 years. Whoever is bringing in meetings now is doing ‘watered down AA.’ Books weren’t being distributed, etc. Nora is working to bring in traditional AA. One volunteer is bringing in unapproved literature – Nora will be bringing a meeting in with her next time. All new volunteers have 10+years of sobriety. Chaplain Holder is requesting that each meeting is being given one hour. Could definitely use more help!

DISTRICT 08: New rep – please see Katy after the meeting so she can get your contact info 🙂
– no rep present –

SPANISH: Gabino |
Gabino – Phoenix West – 3 volunteers
Estrella – 3 people
Fridays to duragno
Saturdays to lower buckeye

AGUA FRIA: – New rep, welcome! Please see Katy after the meeting so she can get your contact info 🙂 – No rep present —

Not here

SALT RIVER: Kimberly |
Invited to attend: second Tuesday of every month at 7pm at center office on Thunderbird Road
9am to 6pm Mon-Fri, Sat 9am – 1pm
New meeting called the doctor’s prescription – has flyer – four Wednesdays teaching traditions and concept. Fellowship hall at 7:15pm
veterans in recovery – new meeting on Tuesday jan 22nd 7-8:30pm, 804 Jones Ave in recreation room.
Round up committee starting to meet 27th of feb at 6:30pm at the SRI office – has fliers
phones – jan 21 office will be closed. For phones opportunities: weekly commitment, sobriety requirement of 1 year. Come to office Wed 3p-6p, Thurs 9am to 12pm. Friday 12-6.
864 calls last month // ~12k website visits // there’s an app that can help you find meetings near you.
Summer round up at DoubleTree Hilton in Scottsdale. 76th anniversary of AA in the Valley – save the date – phoenix college – April 13th, Saturday. Please contact Laura, Volunteer Coordinator.
CLOSE: 8:21pm
Responsibility Declaration