Meeting Minutes February 2019

Valleywide Hospitals and Institutions Meeting Minutes
Central Church, A United Methodist Community East Dining Room
1875 North Central Avenue Phoenix Arizona 85004
Wednesday February 13, 2019
Open: 7:03pm

Serenity Prayer
Reading of the Concept
Introduction of the new VWHI Home Group Reps
Anna – primary purpose; Leah – sisters in sobriety; Kenny – 11th step meditation; Javier = Primary Purpose; April – Tempe sunset group; Wesley – how it works big book step study; Issac – 5am how bad do you want it; jay – new beginnings
*Home group reps: Welcome! Listen for service opportunities that are relevant to your home group and bring the opportunities back to your meeting to find people who might be interested in being of service. Be sure to sign-in on the sheet that’s being passed around so we have your name, home group and contact info. Please familiarize yourself with the VWHI bylaws – find them at the Resources tab on

Announcement from the Chair: Aaron D.
This Valleywide H&I Monthly Business Meeting is different than meetings that we find in the AA Meetings Lists and Directories. Typical AA meetings are scheduled to last one hour. Business meetings are conducted by committees adn we typically meet until the business is done. Please realize that the purpose of our Steering Committee is to focus on what ways we might conduct pertinent business in an effecient manner.
*Next ad hoc bylaws committee meeting: Tuesday Feb 26th at 7pm at Jerry’s Restaurant in Phoenix.
Introduced steering committee members for new home group reps.

Reached out to EVI chairperson, Tom N, to coordinate more communication between H&I and EVI, especially around Awareness Day.

Awareness Day: we’ve been busy, please announce the awareness day planning committee meets every Sunday at 4415 S rural rd, Denny’s at corner of 60 and rural. 7:30pm in conference room out back. Awareness Day will be May 11th at Kiwanis Park, Ruben Romero Ramada. Tacos, Cinco de Mayo theme. We need volunteers! 16 positions available on the committee – we have 12 filled. Still need people to volunteer at the event and donate their time. Asking home groups to donate items for raffle. Please ask your home groups if they are willing to donate.

Please be sure to sign in on the sheet that Laura is passing around. Really working to keeping the communication lines between the steering committee, facility coordinators and the home group reps. Laura motions to accept; none opposed.

Working on re-doing a few things on the report but please make sure you all have one of the reports in the back. Collected $9200 last month. In 4 years he thinks that’s the highest we’ve collected. Ahwatukee Men’s group has a question about that home group. Laura asked about literature breakdown and how much is spent on what. Anthony – would like help on how to go about collecting money for H&I from his home group. Dennis suggested passing around pink can or approaching home group about setting aside a portion of the seventh tradition for H&I. Daniel makes motion; none opposed.
By laws committee: if anyone is interested in learning more about the by laws and being a part of the committee please join us – it’s open to everyone. Every rotation is supposed to review and update the by laws.
Asks home groups to consider raising the prudent reserve from $1500 to $2000 because now VWHI is a registered 501c3. Alison – should we take this back to our home group? Dennis: yes.
John S.: Do we pay taxes on literature? If so, 501c3 status may save us money.
What’s the annual budget? Dennis is working on putting this together.
We have to file taxes – whatwe’re voting on is if we can increase our prudent reserve to offset any costs that may come up with our 501c3 filing, insurance renewal, and corrections conference.
Dennis: we were operating under a different conception.
What’s the current prudent reserve? $1500.
Prudent reserve should cover our operating expenses for at least one month. We don’t take into account our costs for literature. We’ve had a few months in the past where we’ve had to dip into the prudent reserve to cover the costs of literature.

This month we spent $7,498.00 on 1,180 books and other AAWS approved items. Our next meeting is March 13th. Please have your book orders ready by close of biz on Feb 27th.


Everything is going well – stats: this past month 570 unique visitors, thousands of bots; India and Pakistan especially. People tend to visit 3 times each month, the biggest spike is always right before this meeting 🙂
Reminder: coordinators and members – please let Eric know ASAP if your vwhi email is not working. It’s an important tool for continuity so we have all past communications from that coordinator.


— Coordinator positions still need to be filled, esp. FCI Phoenix. At the last meeting, someone had indicated she might be willing to take on the position; maybe she will want to do that tonight.
–Still seeking input on a corrections coordinator workshop: date and time, topic, etc. Before or after the corrections conference in March?
–The agenda for the corrections conference is set. Still seeking someone to discuss special needs/accessibility issues for inmates/people under community supervision. Still seeking a Native American volunteer who can discuss carrying the message into correctional facilities.

Just got a new phone, just got email set up tonight. Will respond to emails within the next 24 hours. Also the chair for the 2019 corrections conference; March 29-30 at Gloria Dei, register at It’s $17 to attend. Friday evening activities, Saturday morning from 8am to 5:30pm – breakfast included, lunch served. If you’ve never been to a corrections conference then she encourages you to come.

MCSO: Shawna |
• Current badged volunteers – if you missed the Annual Renewal Training on February 6th, Valerie Henderson will schedule 2 or 3 dates for & you will need to take a make-up training class, or your badge will be suspended.
• New Volunteer Training dates for March have not been announced
• Volunteer database update: The list is short, but volunteers can now reach out for help – email went out earlier today!
And so it begins…!

The ‘volunteer database’ was not just wishful thinking – as we’ve learned in AA, time takes time; below is a small list, but it’s a great start!

MCSO has approximately 90 badged AA volunteers to carry the message to the confined alcoholic into the county jails. The contacts listed are badged volunteers who are willing to speak (or cover if they’re able) at other AA jail meetings. This is a way for VWHI volunteers to collaborate, work together, experience a different jail, & for current chairs to keep the meetings fresh. If you need a speaker or would like to be a speaker, please contact them to schedule. If your name is not listed, but you’d like to be – please let me know – the jail coordinators & myself would be happy to assist!

Under “Jail(s) experience”, the volunteers listed the jail(s) where they have chaired or co-chair meetings – they have some level of experience there. For the last column, “Willing to go into ANY jail?” is simply asking if you are a female volunteer, would you be willing go into a men’s jail & vice versa.

Thank you all for your service!

Detailed info regarding sobriety requirements, Updates, current mtgs at each jail, & qualifications for mosaic mtgs are all located on website:

1) Open positions:
Awareness Day Chair (member of steering committee; 2 year commitment (until December 2019); 1 year sobriety requirement; 1 year H&I experience preferred)
Treatment Chair (member of steering committee; 2 year commitment (until December 2019); 5 year sobriety requirement; 2 years served as meeting facilitator or treatment coordinator preferred). Responsibilities: Act as liaison between treatment coordinators and personnel at facilities. Establish and maintain relationships with intergroups, district 08 and area 03. Attend monthly VWHI business meetings and monthly Steering Committee meetings.
• Cody stood in January 2019 meeting
Hospitals West (coordinator position; 2 year commitment; 2 year sobriety requirement; 1 year H&I experience preferred)
Phoenix West (coordinator position; 2 year commitment; 2 year sobriety requirement; 1 year H&I experience preferred)
Federal Corrections (coordinator position; 2 year commitment; 2 year sobriety requirement; 1 year H&I experience preferred)
• Andrew expressed interest after the last business meeting
• Nicholas is standing for the position. Qualified. Tracey makes motion to accept Nicholas by acclimation. None opposed.

Becky S asked about Awareness Day description; Shawna gave brief answer.

1) Dennis asks home groups to consider: prudent reserve increase from $1500 to $2000 to cover any additional fees associated with filing for 501(c)(3) status and taxes
2) Eric F – has had 4 different people express interest in being technology co-chair. Will talk about this next month (March 2019).
3) JJ introduces Roxanne, Awareness Day secretary. We now have cards that are pre-sale tickets for the Awareness Day. $5 donation or Big Book or 12×12 donated. Home group reps who would like to sell tickets, we will sign 4 tickets out per rep at the end of the meeting.

*any new business from the floor?


BTG connects people just leaving institutions with active members of AA who can take them to meetings within the first 48 hours.
Pat is assisting 23 individuals leaving the prison systems in March. January: 5 phone calls. 2 so far this month. One was a lady wanting a meeting to brought in so it was passed on to VWHI. One facility let Bill talk for 45 minutes about BTG and VWHI. Committee meetings have gone from workshops to dark zone meetings where we go to meetings where there are no BTG volunteers listed in that zip code. Last month we got 11 new volunteers. New Bridget’s Church in Mesa – 2213 N Lindsay Rd, contact Bill for details.

Please sign in on home group list. Please put a check mark next to your name, correct any info that is wrong, please add your name to the list.

In even months reports from Hospitals and Treatment will be presented.
In odd Months Corrections and Prisons will present their reports.

Aaron D filling in – all is good.


Not here.

Found out today where CBW is! It’s on 99th ave! Aaron D – also the one on Van Buren 🙂 Hooray! Will talk to Aaron D. After the meeting.

The current meetings being held at Community Bridges East Detox that I have been able to identify are: (TABLE IN PDF OF MINUTES)

If you know of a regular meeting being brought to CBI East and it is not listed here, please let me know and I will add to the schedule.
There is certainly room for more meetings. Our on-site contact is Kolby. She can also let us if another 12 Step group may be holding a meeting. The space is tight in the small break room where meetings are held.
If you or your fellows would like to bring a meeting into this facility (thank you!), just let me know what date/time you’d like and I can check in with Kolby so we avoid overlaps with other meetings.
I have requested two cases of Big Books for CBI East which, generally, Kolby keeps on hand at her station. I shall deliver said books to her when I receive.
(I have also requested a case of books for the Crossroads 360 Women’s facility on Extension in Mesa. They are generally full with 50 patients and welcome as many books as we can provide, perhaps regularly every 3 months. I participate in taking a meeting there on Mondays which was why I was asked to help out with the book order.)
Thank you. Again, please advise if you see where I need to make corrections.
Anthony – best way to contact you? Via text.
John S – clarifies that the call for volunteers should be at Community Bridges West on Belvue
Becky – this is a serious detox facility with people who are in incredibly difficult circumstances but there is a lot of support from the staff to bring in meetings to the facility.

SPANISH: Gabino ||
Estrella, Durango and Lower Buckeye. Officer Chavez to open another facility for meetings. 20-21 inamtes per visit in Durango. 5 more volunteers this month. Working hard to bring the message of recovery to the inmates.
LBJ – from 1pm to 2pm
John S – federal does not allow only spanish speakers. Gabino & Aaron D – Maricopa will badge someone who only speaks Spanish.

DURANGO & TOWERS – ESTELLA: David | or (not reporting this month)
LOWER BUCKEYE – 4TH AVENUE: Brian (not reporting this month)
PHOENIX WEST: OPEN | (not reporting this month)
FEDERAL CORRECTIONS: OPEN | (not reporting this month)
ALHAMBRA: Fred (not reporting this month)
JUVENILE CORRECTIONS: Heather | (not reporting this month)
LEWIS: Robert | (not reporting this month)
FLORENCE: John | (not reporting this month)
PERRYVILLE: Nora | (not reporting this month)
DISTRICT 08: New rep – please see Katy after the meeting so she can get your contact info 🙂
– no rep was present for business meeting in Jan 2019 –

SPANISH: Gabino |
See coordinator update.

AGUA FRIA: – New rep, welcome! Please see Katy after the meeting so she can get your contact info 🙂 – no rep was present for business meeting in Jan 2019 –
Tracey – George has stepped down. If you are interested in the position please come to the next meeting on the second Tuesday at 7pm where the Intergroup meets.

Quick biz meeting last time – doing pretty well financially. Since last year, we lowered the prudent reserve $1000. Office is staying busy – 560 requests for info and assistance. 130 office visits. Some twelve step calls. If you’re interested in volunteering you can contact EVI office. Always looking for phone volunteers. 40th annivesray on march 9th St Catherine’s Orodox church. $20. has tickets for sale.

SALT RIVER: Kimberly |
Invited to attend meeting second Tuesday at 7pm at central office 3215 thunderbird. 9a-6p m-f; closed on presidents day. Saturday 9am – 1p.
Restructure of existing steering committee members. Please see Kimberly for the long version 🙂
Valentine’s day celebration on 2/16 at 7pm
Maricopa county
SRI Anniversary committee -chair position available for souvenirs.
29th west valley round up at lake pleasant 3/15 – 17.
Area 03 Corrections Conference
SRI office has need for Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday – ask Kim about times
Laura – comment: souvenir position is 5 year sobriety requirement.

CLOSE: 8:13pm
Responsibility Declaration