Hospitals – Rehabs – Detoxes

VWHI coordinates bringing the message of recovery – through meetings and AA literature – to alcoholics who are in facilities and not able to go out to meetings. Besides the criminal justice system, this takes us into hospitals, independent detoxes and rehabs, as well as certain halfway houses that have residents who cannot – for a variety of reasons – go to outside meetings.  Please visit the Contact Form page to reach the appropriate VWHI contact.

We currently split this work between the East and West Valley (for the most part, Central Avenue is the line between), and these categories:

Our work in hospital detox and rehab units involves bringing meetings all over the valley – maybe some right near you! If you’re interested in getting involved with this work, you can contact the coordinators here:
VWHI coordinates meetings around the Valley at the various CBI facilities. If you’re interested in getting involved – either taking in a regular meeting or just speaking at one – contact the coordinators here:
This section covers, essentially, all other facilities not covered by the above two. Meetings and literature are taken to rehab and detox centers, as well as some halfway-house type facilities. You can contact the coordinators here: