H&I Meeting Minutes March 2014

Hospitals and Institutes Minutes

Bill Wilson Hall 2707 E Van Buren St. Phoenix, AZ

Wed 3/12 at 7:00 PM



Nicole opened the meeting at 7:00 PM with a Moment of Silence followed by the Serenity Prayer.

Robert read the 3rd Tradition Long form.

 Remarks from the Chair: Nicole thanked everyone for their continued support.  There will be a Newcomer Orientation at the end of the meeting for all of you that are new.

Discussion will be 3-5 minutes with a timer to keep it simple.

We are requesting that you send an e-mail to the Steering Committee before the first Tuesday of each month for items that you are requesting the Steering Committee to cover in the H&I Steering Committee Meeting. The Steering Committee is working on getting evaluation forms from the Intergroup.

The H&I FUNdraiser for April have been cancelled.

 Secretary Report: Tracey said that the report is on the back table. She also said that if you’re wishing to carry on a separate conversation if you could do so please outside as it is very distracting and hard to hear. She requested that everyone please speak up so that she can hear what is being said on the floor and that when motioning to please use your name so she can get it correctly in the minutes. She also said that the sign in sheet is on the back table and please check in for your attendance. John made the motion to accept the Secretary’s Report and Tom 2nd it and the report was accepted.

 Treasurer’s Report: Ian presented his report. It is also located on the Website under resources. Ed made the motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report and Ceil 2nd it and the report was accepted.


Jamboree: Abby one again the event is cancelled for April and hoping to be able to have the event in October.

 Literature: Aaron said that he made 60 reports and his report will also be on the Website. We want to confirm that the books are going to the Coordinators and we will be implanting a method to be able to track the Literature both going in and out for H&I.

 East Valley Coordinator: Aaron said that all is good at this time. He is in the process of contacting all locations to see what is needed for assistance.

 Hospitals West: Lydia said that at St. Luke’s Hospitals Units 3&4 probably on Sunday afternoon are looking to add more meetings. She also said that there is a new meeting starting at Good Sam on Saturdays at 7:00 PM.

 Treatment Center: Phil said that we had a request for a new meeting request at Harbor Center in LaVene.

 Community Bridges East: Georgia sent in a message stating that all of her meetings are being covered.

 Community Bridges West: Turiya said that all is going good.

Durango: Lydia said that she will continue to full fill this position till it is filled. She said that they had books recently and will follow up shortly to make sure that they don’t need any books.

 Towers/Tents/ Estrella: John said that everything is good.  He said that he is still interested in having someone take over his position.


Federal: Dee said that they need Women for this location. Badging process is currently taking 1-2 months.


Florence: John presented a report in which he reported that there are 15 major sites at the Florence/Eyman Complex (10 State, 3 Private, 1 County, and 1 Federal) most with multiple yards or pods. They hold meetings in 8 of the 15 sites and have roughly 20 volunteers holding a total if 17 meetings per week. The goal is to serve all sites and units with more meeting per week and many volunteers roughly four times as many. John meet with all the wardens and directors throughout the Complex to get aquatinted, review policies and to request streamlining the badging process. These are some of the most significant results:

Warden at Florence is going to ask to have reference checking eliminated from the Badge application process.

Warden from Eyman will approved badges for all applicants immediately upon completion for application forms and consents, online training, successful TB test, finger printing and photographing successful random drug test, and passage of criminal background check. Telephone contact of references will be allowed to proceed at its own pace (unless it is eliminated courtesy of Warden Hetmer and will have the effect of cancelling a badge only if something egregious is found in the reference check. Every unit at Florence/Eyman will be made accessible to us for holding AA meetings.

Both men and women will be allowed to hold meeting in all units of both complexes through women will not be escorted nor taken to meetings in the higher security level units.

 Lower Buckeye/4th Ave: John said that he has a few leads to cover for Lower Buckeye Jail otherwise things are going good.

 Phoenix West: Craig Not present no report.

 Alhambra: Open

 Juvenile: Open

 Lewis: Bob for Myia said that the #’s remain the same. She is looking to rotate out. This is a Women’s Prison.

 Perryville: Cille said that they have 21 volunteers now badged. They have 5 units that have meetings a week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and the meetings are all being held in the evening. They currently have 3 new volunteers. 3-4 are in the badging process. They have lots of guest speakers. They have to have 3 years of sobriety for badging and 1 year of sobriety for guest speaking.

 Bridge the Gap: Open

 Ad Hoc: Bob presented his report stating that through the Group Inventory that there was a Ad Hoc Committee was formed to review and give suggestions coming from the Inventory in six areas which were by-Laws, Education, Finance, Literature, Membership, and Education. The Ad Hock Committee meets every month from August 26, 2013 to February 24, 2014 with the exception of December. It is the recommendation of this committee put forth a motion to dissolve the Ad Hoc committee which was done. A Huge thank you on behalf of the H&I body that worked on this Committee.

 MSO: Ed said that he is working with the Sherif’s office for clearing badges however it is a three step process. That he re wrote the letters and have submitted them to Mrs. Anderson for approval.

 SPANISH: Santa said that they have 6 meetings every week. She said that they are in need of volunteers.

 SRI: Hector said that planning meeting for both Anniversary and Round Up are forming.

 EVI: Ed said that they have some upcoming events and the fliers are on the back table.

 OLD BUSINESS: We have open positions that we need to fill. The job description and sobriety requirements are in the Valleywide Hospitals and Institutions Bylaws. They Coordinator positions that we have open are Durango, Alhambra, and Juvenile.

 The meeting was closed at 8:45 PM with the Responsibility Pledge.

 Yours in Service

 Tracey J M

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