H&I Meeting Minutes April 2014

Hospitals and Institutes Minutes

Bill Wilson Hall

 2707 E Van Buren St. Phoenix, AZ

Wed 4/9 at 7:00 PM


Nicole opened the meeting at 6:59 PM with a Moment of Silence followed by the Serenity Prayer.

Robert read the 4rd Tradition Long form.

Remarks from the Chair: Nicole said that as always we want to hear from you how we are doing. If you have feedback for us PLEASE let us know what that is.

Co-Chair Report: Robert said that he didn’t have a lot however if you are a New Member attending the meeting for the first time please see Heather and or Marylyn after the meeting. He also said that next month we will have a questionnaire that we are going to ask you to take back to your home groups regarding how H&I is doing.

Secretary Report: Tracey said that the minutes are on the back table. She also said that the sign in sheet is on the back table please confirm that everything is correct. Shelby motioned to accept the minutes. Georgia seconded it and the minutes were accepted.

Treasurer’s Report: Ian presented his report.


Balance forward




Group Contributions of


Individual Contributions of


Business Meeting Collections


Jamboree Fundraising


Income Total

7, 491.53

Balance After Income

$11, 189.00




Meeting Lists


P.O. Boxes 80126 & 85185 thru Dec 2014


Desert View Insurance Policy Term 3/15/2014 – 4/15/2015


U-Haul Storage Unit


Committee Meeting Room Rent








Bridging the Gap Funding (From committee meeting can)


Check Return/Bank Fee


Total Expenses


Ending Balance


Ian also said that the report will be posted under resources on the Website however at this time it is not been posted. Shelby moved to accept the Treasure’s Report and Georgia seconded it and the Treasurers Report was passed.

Jamboree: Abby said that we will be holding a H&I Monthly big Book Drive at every H&I Business Meeting. What we are looking for are new and used Bog Books or any 12 Step literature that can be taken into treatment centers or jails. She handed out fliers also requesting that the reps take them back to their groups. She also said that she has green arm bands left from the FUNdraiser that we cannot sale but instead request a donation.

Literature: Aaron said that if you did not receive a copy of his report will also be on the Website.

The General Service Conference approved literature are organized into piles at the back of the room is for the various Valley wide H&I Coordinators to distribute to the various hospitals, treatment centers, jails, and prisons throughout the Valley to the confined Alcoholics. If you chair an Alcoholics Anonymous you will coordinate with your respective coordinator to get books inside.

Used and new Grapevine issues can be donated by home groups and will go to confined alcoholics.

Aaron will make literature orders every 2 months and distribute up to ½ of the literature available in an attempt to ensure literature will be available for distribution to the Valley wide H&I Coordinators each month. Last month we spent $13976.40 purchasing books from the General Service Office in New York (GSO).


54 cases


Big Books

$6.23 each



20 cases






10 cases


Pocket BB





20 cases


Big Books

$6.23 each



10 cases



$5.74 each



Total spent

on literature

from GSO




For this month we spent 400 on meeting lists from SRI and 375 on meetings lists from Arizona Area. The Arizona meeting lists may be helpful to those in prisons or treatment centers that will be going to places other than the greater Phoenix area.

Last month the coordinator’s helped by signing for the books they picked up. Basically they signed a receipt. We will continue this form of accountability. This month the Valley wide H&I Steering Committee has requested an additional form to be maintained through the cooperation of the various coordinators in order to track exactly where the literature is going. The new literature tracking form will be sent home with them to fill out during the month and return at the next meeting. We are interested in being able to account for where the books are going. We are requesting everyone’s cooperation in this.

Next month Aaron is looking to possibly ordering AA in Prison & Daily Reflections.







Webservant: Dan said that all is going good. He encouraged everyone to check out the Resource portion of the web site as this where the reports are.

East Valley Coordinator: Aaron said that Aurora Behavioral is looking for a Sunday Night Chairperson. He is still waiting to meet with Banner Scottsdale about new meetings and other issues. He is also working on figuring out exactly how many meeting are going on in the East Valley.

Hospitals West: Lydia not present hence no report.

Treatment Center: Phil said that last month there was a request for a new meeting request at Harbor Center in LaVene and at this time there is no one that has come forward to take this meeting. Also on Saturday night at Circle of City there is an opening however for this particular meeting you must have a vehicle.

Community Bridges East: Georgia said that all is good. There had been a request for an additional meeting and this has happened.

Community Bridges West: Turiya said that all is going good. She said that all was going good. She said that it is hard to keep track of the meeting going in but she believes that there are 6-8 meetings a week.

Durango: Lydia not present no report.

Towers/Tents/ Estrella: Robert said that he got a message from John that meetings are going in and all is okay otherwise no report.

Florence: John presented a report which is:


21 unites at the Florence/Eyman Complex (15 State, 4 Private, 1 County, 1 Federal) with multiple yards and pods.  Meetings are held in 10 of the 21 units. 19 volunteers, 17 meetings per week. Our goal is to serve all units with more meetings per week and more volunteers per meetings preferably four times as many.


We had 19 badged volunteers going into the month, 6 new volunteers have been added and 18 applications are in process. 14 gate passes have been issued and all those have applied for badging. Several DOC badged volunteers have also applied for private facility badges.

Badging of Spanish only volunteers has been denied.


One Florence West Spanish –speaking meetings has been added to our commitment.

Female volunteers have been taken into one state male unit and one private mixed gender unit. There are firsts.

Federal: Dee said that they need your support at this Federal Women’s Prison at I-17 & Carefree Highway. They meet on Mondays from 6-7 PM and you must have minimum of 5 years sobriety.

Lower Buckeye/4th Ave: John said that he has a few leads to cover for Lower Buckeye Jail otherwise things are going good. For Maricopa County badges that have not attended a mandatory training there is a session is coming up soon if you cannot attend this then you have to contact Lynn Armstrong to arrange a training session this is a must and there has to be 100% completion.

Phoenix West: Craig Not present no report.

Alhambra: Open

Juvenile: Open

Lewis: Barbara for Myia presented her report. Miss you all and hope to be back in another month or so, they have amazing volunteers at Lewis Prison. Currently many of the badged volunteers provide AA support for more than one meeting and/ or more than one unit. When I took over as coordinator in Jan 2013 there were 22 meetings a month at Lewis currently there are 63 meetings a month and about half are peer led with 30 more meeting requests waiting for AA support so they can get started.

We have six badging applications in process. Each time a volunteer is badged wither with a current meeting gets AA support, a unit can add another meeting or the newly badged person can be assigned to provide support to a meeting that can’t start until another volunteer is badged. We try to get to them while they are waiting for AA.

With the help of all current AA volunteers we are identifying member of AA who are interested and getting them gate passes but not all make it through the badging process. For example one volunteer was sober long enough but not enough time since his last drug use. He intends to do jail meetings in the interim and will re-apply at Lewis again next year when its 7 years since his last drug use. Another volunteer who’d been incarcerated at Lewis over 8 years ago was turned down as the policy from central office is that no one can volunteer at the facility where they were incarcerated.

A Spanish speaking meeting will be starting. Bob C and a potential volunteer brought Spanish literature to Lewis so inmates will have literature while they are waiting for the meeting to start. The Spanish volunteers will be purchasing Spanish 12×12 tradition poster to hang on the wall in the meeting room, alongside the English versions. Two meeting rooms at Lewis have the 12 steps and 12 traditions and the slogans on the wall. One room has a blown up letter from New York showing the date their meeting was registered. Five meetings are registered with New York.

Perryville: Cille said that they have 23 volunteers now badged and three of them are male volunteers. They have 5 meetings a week. There are several that are in the process of badging. They are trying to start a Saturday meeting if we can get enough volunteers to commit to one Saturday per month.

Bridge the Gap: There is a written report however no verbal report was given.

MSO: Ed not present hence no report.

SPANISH: Santa said that on Saturday April 19 for 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM hosted by the Hispanic Intergroup at 2720 E Thomas Rd Building B Suite 180 there will be a workshop. They cannot leave, we if can enter. 10 -11 AM First table topic requirements and regulations of the institutions to volunteer for AA

11-12 PM Second table topic the importance of the committee representative group of institutions

12:00 -12:30 PM FREE LUNCH

12:30-1:30 PM The importance of conveying the Message AA Institutions

Agua Fria:  Victoria said that they will be having a Fishing Derby at Bartlett Lake.

EVI: Tracey for Ed No report

SRI: Hector said the 71st Anniversary of AA in the Valley will be held on Saturday May 17 at 4:00 PM at Arcadia High School 4703 E Indian School Rd Phoenix 85018. This is a free event with a Gourmet Dinner.

OLD BUSINESS: Today we had elections for the opening positions that we have open. Congratulations to you all and WELCOME to Valley wide H&I!!

BRIDGE THE GAP: Jeff was nominated and voted in for this position.

JUVENAL CORRECTIONS: Shelby was nominated and voted in for this position.

ALHAMBRA: This position is still open.

DURANGO: Frank was nominated and voted in for this position.

There was no old business from the floor.

NEW BUSINESS: Per the Steering Committee that we want to be transparent. We will be requesting feedback from your home groups next month as how they would like that to look. We will be having a form to take back to your groups at the next meeting.

There was no new business from the floor.

We went around the room for asking for birthdays and at 7:48 PM we closed the meeting with the Responsibility Pledge.

Yours in Service

Tracey J M

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