Draft – Meeting Minutes August 2020


Valleywide Hospitals and Institutions Meeting Minutes

Central Church, A United Methodist Community East Dining Room

1875 North Central Avenue Phoenix Arizona 85004

Website: www.vwhi.org | PO Box 80126, Phoenix, 85060 | Wednesday August 12th, 2020

Open: Via Zoom 

Serenity Prayer opened meeting at 702 pm

Reading of the Steps 

Announcement from the Chair: Katy |  | chairperson@vwhi.org 

Katy welcomes everyone, starts with prayer. 

Colby read step 8

Katy: no announcements, in contact with church, could get a hold for a few weeks, will report when she hears back


CO CHAIRPERSON: Colby |  | co_chairperson@vwhi.org

Virtual Awareness October 10th 12pm-4pm

SECRETARY: Christin |  | secretary@vwhi.org

No updates 

Anthony motions to accept, Harold second to accept minutes

All accepted, motion carriers 

TREASURER: Eric | | treasurer@vwhi.org

Balance Forward $4,347.75


Group Contributions

Individual Contributions

Monthly Supporters

Business Meeting Collections

Jamboree Fundraising

Income Total $6,417.90






Balance After Income




Meeting Lists

Uhaul Storage Unit

Meeting Room Rent




C-Card Processing

Check Return/Bank Fee

Zoom ($14.99 monthly less $50 refund)

Total Expenses $2,309.91











Balance After Expenses Paid $8,682.81

Prudent Reserve $2,000.00

Above/Below Prudent Reserve $6,682.81

Michael makes motion to approve treasure report, Harold seconded, approved. Motion Carries.

LITERATURE: Tom | | literature@vwhi.org

Book Order complete  – 200 BB’s for 1492.00 100 12×12 for $726, 30 Large Print $267.90 Total $2485.90 +10% Discount with a  total $2309.91

Tom suggests 900 am Saturday (07/11/2020), at the H and I church , reiterates the email goes through the literature email address (literature@vwhi.org)

Cut off for orders, 6 pm 25th each month, given by tom 

AWARENESS DAY: Jose G  Awareness_day@vwhi.org

Oct 10th 2020 12pm-4pm

WEB SERVANT: Adam | | webservant@vwhi.org  

Asks group for feedback about what info should be on the website, reports 1800 unique visits 

Zoom meeting will be on website.

TREATMENT CHAIR: Joe |  | treatment_chair@vwhi.org  

Katy has been running at meeting Canyon Vista on Friday Nights.

If anyone is interested in having a Zoom meeting get in contact with Joe 928-848-9904 treatment_chair@vwhi.org

CORRECTIONS CHAIR: Bootsie |  | corrections_chair@vwhi.org  

No Report.  Willing to help 

SERVICE LIAISON: Open |  | service_liaison@vwhi.org  

No report

MCSO: Dennis |  | mcso_liaison@vwhi.org 

No report Not Present.


Open Positions 

Awareness day chair- Jose was voted in.

Christin made a motion, Harold 2nd the motion, Motion passes. 

 Service liaison (steering)- Tom nominates Becky, Becky Declined.


No New Business from the floor


BRIDGING THE GAP: Bill |  | bridging_the_gap@vwhi.org 

Bill report-  not present

VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR: Anthony |  | newcomer_liaison@vwhi.org 

Email Anthony if you are a new rep.

SPANISH: Franky |  | spanish_coordinator@vwhi.org or hispanic_intergroup@vwhi.org

Franky not here no Report


In even months reports from Hospitals and Treatment will be presented.

In odd Months Corrections and Prisons will present their reports.


HOSPITALS EAST | East of Central Ave: Harold |  | hospitals_east@vwhi.org 

Harold Present No Report

HOSPITALS WEST | West of Central Ave: Michael |  | hospitals_west@vwhi.org 

No Report.  Will reach out to his facilities to see about Zoom Meetings.

TREATMENT CENTERS: Amy |  | treatment_coordinator@vwhi.org 

Sent over to Joe a list of meetings that Crossroads for Women that are available.

COMMUNITY BRIDGES WEST | 99th Ave & I-10, Avondale: Lloyd community_bridges_west@vwhi.org 

Not Present No Report

COMMUNITY BRIDGES EAST | Broadway & Mesa Dr., Mesa: Becky | community_bridges_east@vwhi.org  


DURANGO & TOWERS – ESTELLA | 35th Ave & Buckeye, South Phoenix: David  towers_estrella_durango@vwhi.org

LOWER BUCKEYE – 4TH AVENUE | 4th Ave. & Jefferson, Downtown Phoenix: Brian | lower_buckeye_fourth_ave_jails@vwhi.org

4th Avenue Jail – 201 S. 4th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85003

MCSO Contact:  Officer Tracy McDermott, Programs Assistance

Lower Buckeye Jail – 3250 W. Lower Buckeye Road, PHX 85009   

MCSO Contact: Lynette Anderson

PHOENIX WEST | Buckeye & 35th Ave, Phoenix: Jessica L. | phoenix_west_prison@vwhi.org

FEDERAL CORRECTIONS | I-17 & Anthem Way, Phoenix: Nicholas S. federal_corrections@vwhi.org

ALHAMBRA | Van Buren & 24th St: Fred 623 523 1112 | alhambra_prison@vwhi.org

JUVENILE CORRECTIONS: Starr 480-669-9688 juvenile_corrections@vwhi.org

LEWIS | Highway 85 & Patterson, Buckeye: Bruce 480-650-9316| lewis_prison@vwhi.org

FLORENCE | Highway 79 & Butte Ave, Florence: John |  | florence_prisons@vwhi.org

PERRYVILLE | I-10 & Loop 303: Nora | | perryville_prison@vwhi.org


AGUA FRIA: Tiffany  afi_liaison@vwhi.org

Diana is the new chair and Diana is the co chair

EAST VALLEY: OPEN| | evi_liaison@vwhi.org  

Open position, no coordinator 

SALT RIVER: Kimberly || sri_liaison@vwhi.org  

Kimberly- business 2nd Tuesday of the month via Zoom

Office opened 9-6pm  phone is open

Elections are coming up  

Area 3 – Adrian 

State Convention Sept 4-6 

AREA 03-  Jason S  treatment@area03.org

Zoom Round Table Meeting @810pm

District 08-  No Report 

Kim motion to close, Eric seconds, all agree, motion passes 900pm


Birthdays & Responsibility Declaration