2018 National Corrections Conference Final Report


This is the final report to the NCC Advisory Committee. Maine Area 28 is grateful to have had this opportunity to host the second NCC and appreciate all the support we have had from the first Conference Committee and members of the advisory committee.

I’ve attached the final finance report in 2 different formats. The info is the same.

In summary the 317 people registered for the conference that included 6 scholarships. The final paid banquet count was 156. We had 41 volunteers besides committee members, speakers and panelists support the conference. The 317 people registered represented 32 states and 4 Provinces of Canada.The following is a count of people by state and provinces: 138 – Maine, 11 – Texas, 12 – New York, 4 – Arizona, 10 – Missouri, 8 – Ohio, 2 – Wisconsin, 4 – Oregon, 22 – Illinois, 5 – North Carolina, 4 – Tennessee, 6 – Georgia, 12 – Pennsylvania, 8 – Maryland, 13 – California, 1 – South Carolina, 1 – Kansas, 2 – Minnesota, 1 – Michigan, 1 – Delaware, 2 – Idaho, 1 – Louisiana, 2 – Kentucky, 4 – Massachusetts, 1 – Nevada, 2 – New Jersey, 2 – Utah, 3 – Vermont, 3 – Virginia, 8 – Washington, 3 – Florida, 7 – New Hampshire and 14 – Canada(7 – Quebec, 2 – Nova Scotia, 1 – Alberta & 4 – New Brunswick).

It’s noteworthy that 56% of the registrants were from outside the state of Maine.

The hotel reservation system was the most challenging part of the conference. We blocked off 150 room (or 300 room nights) in the contract. We needed 255 room nights reserved to meet the 85% attrition rate. After the conference we gathered enough information to present to the hotel to adjust the final room night count to 245. That left us 10 shy of making the minimum that cost us a penalty of $1090. This is reflected in the attached finance report.

To summarize the finances we had a total revenue of $16,590 with expenses of $17,736 of which $13,911 were for the hotel costs including Banquet cost of $6,097. We fell short of recapturing the $4,000 seed money by $1,192. Which would have been mostly covered had it not been the hotel room attrition of $1090. The net result is we have $2,853.66 to return to the advisory to disperse to future conferences.

The conference itself was a success as noted by many of the attendees. There was a strong message of recovery behind the walls communicated by all who spoke at the conference. Those that went into the Cumberland County Jail carried a powerful message to the inmates. They are still talking about how powerful an experience it was to hear people from around the country talk about our program of recovery.

We held our final committee meeting last Sunday, December 2nd. The Adhoc committee has been working on a proposal for the composition and rotation for the Advisory Committee. In accordance with the proposed guidelines I asked for 2 additional volunteers beside myself to serve a 3-year term. Only one person has stepped forward and that is Mark D. our program chair. After discussion within the committee we would like to propose that our 3rdslot be offered to Dave A. to remain on the Advisory to insure that we maintain some participation from Canada at least for the near term.

It was unanimous across all my committee members that we have grown a little more by being of service to A.A. and hosting this awesome conference. The committee will support the future of the NCC the best they can. Our minutes and reports are on a Google drive that can be made assessable to anyone on the advisory or future host committees upon request.

In Love and Service

Chairperson, 2018 National Corrections Conference Chairperson